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Turn Your iPod into a video player

Via Apollo Pony, we learn of the Nyko MoviePlayer:

click photo for animation
Ipodmovieplayer"Just stumbled upon this sweet gadget, the Nyko MoviePlayer. It turns your iPod into a video player. With the recent iTunes update now supporting videos this little puppy makes a whole lot of sense. It appears to use the iPod as a storage unit and adds a HD color screen, controls, playback software/hardware, speakers and some additional battery juice. And while its not available yet in the US market I’ll bet it’s going to be a lot cheaper and a whole lot more handy than buying a second iPod-like device for just video. Then again, maybe the next Apple iPod will play video. Hello? Apple?"

It appears to play all the major formats including MPEG, QT and WMV (but no Real Player).

Very, very cool!

Be sure to check out the animation, to the tune of Stereogram’s Walkie Talkie Man

No price released yet — but add to it the cost of an iPod, and its probably not cheap.

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