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Disruptive Use of Net: Peerflix



I was doing some more research on that large CD Economic analysis (mentioned previously), and I came across an interesting new variation on a theme: 


Think of it as a tangent off the development line of NetFlix, only with a communal, lending-library flavor.

Here’s how it works (from the FAQ):  "List the DVDs you own and no longer want, add the DVDs you’d like to see, and get ready to trade on!"

As soon as you send a DVD out, an item on your wish list gets mailed to you. And, it only costs you 99 cents, plus a stamp. (You get charged $4.95 for five pre-paid trades in the amount of $0.99 each). Peerflix admin operates as the central librarian, coordinating the movement o DVDs between members.

I would imagine that this is a potentially disruptive technology to the NetFlix/Blockbuster/Wal-Mart snail-mail-DVDs-for-a-monthly-fee model — assuming they can get a critical mass of DVDs going.

Has anyone played with this yet? What’s your experience been like? I’m rather curious.


Now for the big question: Why not do the same for CDs? Perfectly legal, since a legitimate owner has the right to sell, trade or dispose of their physical version as they see fit. And as you could imagine, the demand for CDs to rip, share or trade would be enormous — a far greater volume than DVDs. I would imagine a far greater turnover.

PeerTunes, anyone?


UPDATE:  April 3, 2005 10:22pm

On a hunch, I checked the domain name

Guess What?



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