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P2P, free advertising, and Porn


Hey, somebody gets it: In a Sunday NY Times article, the President of Playboy notes the advertising and marketing advantages of P2P:

THOUSANDS of Web sites are putting Playboy magazine’s pictures on the Internet – free. And Randy Nicolau, the president of, is loving it. “It’s direct marketing at its finest,” he said.

Let the music industry sue those who share files, and let Hollywood push for tough laws and regulations to curb movie copying. Playboy, like many companies that provide access to virtual flesh and naughtiness, is turning online freeloaders into subscribers by giving away pictures to other sites that, in turn, drive visitors right back to

When Mr. Nicolau is asked whether he thinks that the entertainment industry is making a mistake by taking a different approach, he replies: “I haven’t spent much time thinking about it. It’s like asking Henry Ford, ‘What were the buggy-whip guys doing wrong?’ ”

Hey, imagine that: Using the internet to advertise your products for sale!

Its consistent with the pornography industry love of technology: They have always been the earliest adopters of new technologies: from the VCR to the internet to streaming media to online payment systems. John Schwartz notes that “the mainstream entertainment industry, some experts say, would do well to pay attention.”


The Pornography Industry vs. Digital Pirates
NYTimes, February 8, 2004

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