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DVD recorders

Shopping this past weekend, I came across 3 DVD recorders — all under $500:

- Phillips for $499;

- Panasonic for $449;

- an “off brand” for $399.

That leads me to make two predictions:

1st, by Christmas 2003, DVD recorders will be $250-300. Its more than 90 days from now, and the upper range of that target is totally do-able.

2nd prediction: Christmas 2004, $150-250. At that price, this becomes a very popular home and consumer device; Especially if we see name brands ike Panasonic under $250.

Now think about the possibilities of combining a DVR/TiVo device with a DVD recorder . . .

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Popular or Best?

This was originally published at About This Particular Macintosh, January 1998. ~~ I recently had a computer purchase discussion with my sister—She and her husband would like to have a PC so that Jake and Jamie (my niece and nephew—ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2) can learn computers and have some fun. Every time the…Read More

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