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Ari Emanuel, one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry isn’t keen on any new tech that enables the dreaded “P” word (piracy). Here are highlights from his session at the D10 Conference with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.

May 31, 2012

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Alien Anthology [Blu-ray] $29.99

The BluRay version of the Alien Anthology is on sale at Amazon for 66% off the $79.99 regular price at Amazon’s one day sale.

I loved the first Ridley Scott directed film — “a stylishly malevolent alternative to George Lucas’s space fantasy” — but I am less than enthused about the subsequent sequels.

This is a point of disagreement amongst some of my Sci-Fi buddies who enjoy the rest of the series in all its various flavors. Quite a few believe the sequel is superior to the original. I don’t, but I am a Ridley Scott fanboy and have zero objectivity.


There is an excess of special features, detailed after the jump.

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Star Wars – Just . . .

Just Uncle Owen Source: YouTube ~~~ Just The Spaceships ~~~ Just People Saying The Force

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007 Skyfall Trailer

Visit the official site at

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Avengers (1963-2011) First Appearances

From blprnt.blg comes a string of infographics about the Avengers movie and comic book history, Avengers, Assembled (and Visualized). There are lots of various historical graphics, but the most interesting one to me is the first appearances of each Avenger: > Avengers (1963-2011) First Appearances Source: Flickr Hat tip Flowing Data   See also Disney…Read More

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Hilarious NSFW Trailer for Ted

Ted: Rated R (Restricted Trailer) Ted: Restricted Trailer – watch more funny videos Thunder Buddies for life! Watch Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane in the new trailer for the R-rated comedy. Hat tip Joe Fahmy

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Plot Lines

Click to enlarge: Source: Delayed Gratification

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21 Pixar Story Rules

From Emma Coats by way of Pixar Touch: > #1: You admire a character for trying more than for their successes. #2: You gotta keep in mind what’s interesting to you as an audience, not what’s fun to do as a writer. They can be v. different. #3: Trying for theme is important, but you…Read More

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Ron Burgundy’s Anchorman Announcement

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Stanley Kubrick Collection

Another great collection of flicks, including a few of my favorites. Amazon regular price for the Blu-Ray is $148.95; One day sale is $60.99.  (DVD version is regularly $74.92, on sale for $30.99). Its hard to describe Kubrick films to people who have never seen them. Spartacus is simply an awesome epic, directed by Kubrick…Read More

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