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How to Become a Bank

Source: Bloomberg

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How IEX Prevents Stale Quote Arbitrage

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IEX arb



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Stock Market Quotations by Sophronia Tibbs

Fantastic collection of thoughts on various aspects of finance, Wall Street, and more. That it is from 1926 seems to have no bearing on its relevance today:   University of Michigan via Google

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The World of Pension Assets

Source: Easy Life Cover

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China’s Share of Foreign Investment

Click through to see the whole exhibit. Source: NYT

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Euro Area NCBs Contributions to the ECB’s Capital

Source: European Central Bank

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CEO Pay Boosted by Stock Buybacks

Buybacks and Dividends Are Making CEOs Even Richer Source: Bloomberg

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Peter L. Bernstein on Risk

Click through to the video. Source: McKinsey

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The Slowly Disappearing Commission

Source: Wealth Management

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Swiss Leaks

Source: WonkBlog

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