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10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• The Best Thing for Active Managers? Passive Investors. — As institutions slash active mandates, managers on both sides of the active versus passive argument rejoice. (Chief Investment Officer)
• The Reformed Broker talks markets and investing (Vanguard)
•  The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014 (Stratechery)
• What Life in Cuba Was Like After Castro’s Revolution (New Republic)
• D.H. Robertson on Why the Gold Standard after World War I Was Really a Dollar Standard (Uneasy Money)
• Office Parties €”Without the Awkwardness (WSJ)
• The Opposite of a Role Model (Fool)
• Memo to Staff: Time to Lose a Few Pounds (WSJ)
• Which Talk Show Hosts Have Lasted the Longest on Late-Night TV? (Vocativ)
• WTF with Marc Maron Podcast – Louis C.K. from 2010 (WTF)

What are you reading?


Biotech stocks continue to trade within the confines of  a strong 3-year uptrend

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10 Thursday AM Reads

As we rapidly approach the week’s – and the year’s – denouement, its important to keep some perspective (William Goldman was right!). Oh, and our morning train reads: • How the Market Stole Christmas! (Macro Man) • To save itself, Greece must exit the Euro (Telegraph) • The First Casualty of a Bear Market (The Reformed Broker)…Read More

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10 Wednesday PM Reads

My  afternoon train reads: • Are We Witnessing a Melt-Up In Long-Term Bonds? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Shale is to OPEC as the Apple II was to the IBM mainframe.  (BusinessWeek) see also The Oil Price Opportunity (Project Syndicate) • What Investment Success Looks Like To Me (The Reformed Broker) • Switzerland Fissures…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

My post holiday party, how did I get home from Brooklyn, morning reads: •  Putin on the Fritz (Krugman) see also Checkmate, Putin. Russia’s economy is stuck in a catch-22. (Wonkblog) • The World Hot Spots You’ve Never Heard of That Could Ruin 2015 (Bloomberg) • Bond Investors Are Skittish Over Emerging Markets (Dealbook) • How Obamacare…Read More

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • ​Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed (WonkBlog) see also Why Are Commodity Prices Falling? (Project Syndicate) • Is Technology Speeding Up Market Cycles? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Investors Flee Active Stock Managers (WSJ) • Jeffrey Gundlach, on his year as new ‘King of Bonds’ (Reuters) • Higher capital requirements didn’t slow the…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

The news flow is fraught with distractions and irrelevancies, but we have your back: Morning train reads: • New York Mag’s Boy Genius Investor Made It All Up (New York Observer) • Be a Good Loser (Meb Faber) see also Intelligent investors must be able to take the bitter with the better. (Irrelevant Investor) • Bitcoin is the worst investment…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • How Cheap Oil Complicates Investing (WSJ) • Shiller: Home Buyers Are Optimistic but Not Wild-Eyed (The Upshot) • Commodities Go From Hoard to Floored (WSJ) see also Saudis risk playing with fire in shale-price showdown as crude crashes (Telegraph) • BuzzFeed is killing it and its older rivals are rattled (Quartz) • How to…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

This is the last full work week of the year before the holidays erupt. We got your over fresh reads, butter melting and ready to go: • Outlook 2015: Stick With the Bull (Barron’s) • How Crude Oil’s Global Collapse Unfolded (WSJ) see also This Hedge Fund’s Machines Are Making the Right Calls on Oil (Bloomberg)…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

My morning afternoon train reads: • This Week Was A Stark Reminder Of How Fast Good Stock Markets Can Turn Bad (Business Insider) but see It’s the waiting part that’s hard (Above the Market) • ‘My seven biggest investment regrets’ (Telegraph) • 122 Things Everyone Should Know About Investing and the Economy (Fool) • Some Cheerful Signs…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Pour yourself some Arabica coffee, settle into your favorite easy chair, and sashay up to our longer form weekend reads: • Why America’s middle class is lost: They took America to the moon. Then something went horribly wrong. (Washington Post) • Hedge Fund Manager Finds Stalking Lions With Camera Harder Than Tracking Markets (Bloomberg) • Deadliest US…Read More

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