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10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:

• Stock Investors in Japan Still Back Abe (WSJ) see also Abe $1 Trillion Gift to Stock Market Shields Recession Gloom (Bloomberg)
• Deep Recessions Leave Permanent Scars, Fed Research Finds (Real Time Economics)
• The S&P 500 and Its Earnings (Crossing Wall Street) see also Gold vs. Stocks: The 10-Year Winner Is… (Total Return)
• How AQR’s New Fund Adds Value An Alternative Approach to Alternatives: Investing with Style (Advisor Perspectives)
• Norway Wealth Fund Outsmarts Flash Boys as Algorithms Abandoned (Bloomberg)
• The Programmer’s Price: Want to hire a coding superstar?  Call the agent. (New Yorker)
• A Carbon Tax Could Bolster Green Energy (NY Times)
• Musk’s Artificial Intelligence Warnings Are Hype (Bloomberg View)
• Michael Gerson: Pope Francis challenges the faithful (Washington Post)
Today’s WTF headline: Eco project takes urine seriously (FT)

What are you reading?

Purgatory Of Low Returns  
Source: GMO via BI


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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Hey, its FOMC minutes day. If that’s not enough to get you flush with anticipation and excitement, there are always our morning train reads: • Can Pope Francis fix Wall Street? (MarketWatch) • The Wall of Worry, Illustrated (Bason Asset Management) see also The Bear Market “Cure” Is Worse Than the Disease (Servo Wealth Management) •…Read More

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Flash Boys Raise Volatility in Wild New Treasury Market (Bloomberg) • Is the Pursuit of Alpha Sabotaging Investment Success? (Chief Investment Officer) • Bubble Behavior? (Alhambra Investment Partners) • Richest 1% of people own nearly half of global wealth, says report (The Guardian) • Don’t fear the dollar’s ‘orderly rise’: Major trends tend…Read More

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Digital Journalism and Investing on Charlie Rose

On “Charlie Rose,” a conversation digital journalism and its affect on financial investing. We are joined by Josh Brown, CEO of Ritholtz Asset Management; Joe Weisenthal of Bloomberg News; Felix Salmon, senior editor at Fusion; and Megan Murphy of Fast FT.

Source: Bloomberg, Nov. 18 2014

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Welcome to Turnaround Tuesday, which on my calendar follows Merger Monday. And train reads: • Satyajit Das: News of The Death of American Economic Power Is Exaggerated! (MV Pro) • Abe $1 Trillion Gift to Stock Market Shields Recession Gloom (Bloomberg) but see Japan’s Surprise Recession Spurs Course Correction (WSJ) • Jeremy Grantham: The Beginning…Read More

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Josh’s Citywire Berlin Presentation

Hilarious!     Click for full slide deck:   Source TRB  

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • What the Islamic State’s currency tells us about the bloody origins of money (Quartz) see also Hedge Funds Cut Gold Bets in Fastest Exit This Year (Bloomberg) • Time for a ‘melt-up’: the coming global boom (Reuters) • Bad vs. Basic: Kip McDaniel on identifying the bad and the basic in…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Once more into the breach, with the latest morning train reads: • The Folklore of Finance: Beliefs That Contribute to Investors’ Failure (NY Times) • Why the US has the most powerful currency on the planet (Quartz) see also The Inflation News Just Got Better (MoneyBeat) • Abe’s choice between recovery and fiscal sustainability in Japan (FT)…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning reads: • Doubting the Economic Data? Consider the Source (NY Times) • Housel: If Other Industries Were Like Wall Street (Motley Fool) • SPDR Gold Trust Is Having a Bummer of a Birthday (Bloomberg) • Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute (NY Times) see also How Did Amazon End Up as Literary Enemy No. 1? (Vanity…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

That sure was a fun week! Settle into your favorite chair with a hot cup of Kona, and enjoy our longer form weekend readings! • Glory To The New Bond King: Bill Gross’ spectacular fall from the top of the bond market has put tens of billions in play at a time when minuscule yields demand a fixed-income superstar. (Forbes)…Read More

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