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10 Friday AM Reads

Some reads to keep you busy on this Good Friday morn:

• Did the bull market happen without you? Here’s why (MarketWatch)
• Money Rotates Into Late Cycle Names (All Star Charts) see also Why Stocks Are 43% Too Expensive (Forbes)
• Active managers must work to justify fees (FT)
• Yuan Depreciation Is Deeper Than You Think (Real Time Economics)
• The Economist Was a Rock Star (New Republic)
• Labor Shortage Threatens to Bust the Shale Boom (Bloomberg)
• Merely Rich and Superrich: The Tax Gap Is Narrowing (NY Times) see also Get Used to It: The Rich Do Get Richer (Fiscal Times)
• How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero? (Bloomberg View)
• Is Harvard Law prof Cass Sunstein “the most dangerous man in America?”  (The Atlantic)
• The Business of Building Roller Coasters (Priceonomics)

What are you reading?

Declining Misery Index Boosting P/E

Source: Dr. Ed’s Blog



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10 Thursday PM Reads

Afternoon train reading: • Swedroe: Don’t be a member of the hedge fund club  (CBS) • Active vs. Passive: Try harder or do something easier? (Abnormal Returns) see also Stories Triumph Statistics (Seeking Wisdom) • Beware Of The Walking Dead In Your Portfolio (Forbes) • China in gold collateral financing shock (FT Alphaville) • Intentions On Housing (Alhambra…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

My early Thursday reads: • Secular stagnation or secular boom? (Antonio Fatas) • Intentions On Housing (Alhambra Partners) • That Pesky Indicator Still Saying U.S. Stocks Are Cheap (Bloomberg) see also Stockmarket “Monster Spray”? (High Net World) • Five Good Questions with Professor Terry Odean on Behavioral Economics (Above the Market)’ continues here

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10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading: • Stop sabotaging your investments (MarketWatch) see also Ignore the Market, Watch the Data (Bloomberg View) • Stiglitz: How Much Trading Should There Be? (Bloomberg View) • Jeff Kleintop Sees Good Earnings Growth Ahead (Barron’s) see also Economic recovery accelerates as winter turns to spring (The Term Sheet) • Too Big to Jail…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Some reads for your midweek morn: • How the wealthy resemble sociopaths: Peculiar Traits of Rich People (Motley Fool) see also Why Rich People Feel Poor (Bloomberg) • When Will The Fed Change Its Reaction Function? (Wonky) (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch) • The first down-quarter for earnings since 2012? (Reformed Broker) • Gold: In search…Read More

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

Some afternoon train reading: • A way to lower taxes (Fidelity) • Four building blocks for investment success (Abnormal Returns) see also Software is eating investment management (Abnormal Returns) • Big Wealth makes a comeback in the U.S. (MSNBC) • Buy high and sell low, and repeat the process multiple times (Marketwatch) • Taxing, spending, and inequality (Vox) • You…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Good Tax Day morning. Here’s what I’m reading so far: • On tax day, who wants the rich to pay more? (MarketWatch) see also TurboTax Maker Astroturf Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing (Talking Points Memo) • Yangtze River Delta becomes epicentre for China credit risk (Reuters) • Can your ‘money-losing behavior’ be cured? (MarketWatch)…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading: • Are Speculative Bubbles Good? (New Yorker) • Most investors have no idea what they’re doing (MarketWatch) • Predicting economic turning points (Vox) • Walmart On Welfare (National Memo) • CME Gave High-Frequency Traders Peek at Market, Lawsuit Claims (Bloomberg) • Krawcheck: Top Rookie Manager Mistakes (That Make You Look Like a Jerk) (LinkedIn) • Why…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Back to the grind. Ease the transition with some reads: • Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach, Spring 2014 (Reformed Broker) • Dealing With Market Insanity (Trader Feed) see also Some Quick Thoughts Regarding the Tape…. (Phil Pearlman) • 5 burning questions investors have about markets right now (Financial Post) • Rotate, reflate,…Read More

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10 Sunday AM Reads

Grab some coffee and a comfy chair.  You know what time it is. • Is this the beginning of a crash? (Reformed Broker) see also Market selloff will stop when the ‘smart money’ quits selling (Yahoo Finance) • The Astounding Conspiracy Theories of Wall Street Genius Mark Gorton (Gawker) • Eichengreen: Losing Interest (Project Syndicate) • ‘Brutalized’ Breakaway…Read More

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