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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Settle into a comfortable chair with a strong cup of joe, and enjoy our long-form weekend reads :

• Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It (Wired)
• Did Bill Gross Tip The Pop Machine Over? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• ‘Zombie’ homes haunt Florida neighborhoods: Aborted foreclosures leave thousands of properties in legal limbo (Center for Public Integrity)
• Are we free?  Neuroscience gives the wrong answer. (Prospect)
• Walter Isaacson: Where Innovation Comes From – Today’s biggest innovations are coming from the combination of human inspiration and computer-processing power (WSJ)
Good for Business: Five Years in, What Does ‘Shark Tank’ Mean for America? (Grantland)
• A Shortcut to Comic Celebrity (NYT)
• Brooklyn’s Baddest Cop: Louis Scarcella (GQ)
• Stepping off the Golden Gate Bridge (Priceonomics)
• The Little-Known Story of How The Shawshank Redemption Became One of the Most Beloved Films of All Time (Vanity Fair)

Whats up for the weekend?



Most oil price spikes coincided with Middle East crises and often preceded or coincided with a US recession

Source: Chart of the Day

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10 Friday Reads

I have been traveling the past few days — did I miss anything? Once again,  morning train reads: • Bargain Hunters Pounce on Panic (WSJ) see also Citigroup Sees $1.1 Trillion Stimulus From Oil Plunge (Bloomberg) • People think CEO pay is out of control. The truth is much worse than they know. (Vox) • Bill…Read More

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10 Thursday PM Reads

My  afternoon train reads: • The Depressing Signals the Markets Are Sending About the Global Economy (The Upshot) • “Nine out of ten Forex clients lost money” (FT Alphaville) • Is the Global Financial Asset Portfolio the Perfect Indexing Strategy? (Pragmatic Capitalism) • OPEC Finding U.S. Shale Harder to Crack as Rout Deepens (Bloomberg) • Top 20…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Strap yourself in, it looks like its going to be another bumpy ride. Brace yourself with our morning train reads: • Wall Street Might Know Something the Rest of Us Don’t (NYT) see also “There she goes, my beautiful world” S&P500 breaks its 2 year uptrend (TRB) • The Risk That Will Bite You Next…Read More

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10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon lobbying reads: •  U.S. 10-Year Yield Below 2% for First Time Since 2013  (Bloomberg) • Privately, Saudis tell oil market- get used to lower prices (Reuters) see also U.S. Oil Producers May Drill Themselves Into Oblivion (Businessweek) • European Policy Makers At Odds As Eurozone’s Economic Woes Deepen (WSJ) Where Do the World’s…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Will we see a 7 handle on Crude? That certainly is possible as we work our way through our morning train reads: • What the 200 day Moving Average Means to Me (All Star Charts) • Chief Investment Officer Power 100 (aiCIO) • The $11 Trillion Advantage That Shields U.S. From Turmoil (Bloomberg) see also…Read More

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Confessions of a Financial Services Worker (Pragmatic Capitalism) • One paper by Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole that every internet user should know (Vox) see also Jean Tirole and Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (Marginal Revolution) • Before the Advice, Check Out the Adviser (NYT) • Global Glut Keeps Pressure on…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

The correction continues apace, as equities are now down between 5 and 10 percent. But that’s not the only thing going on, as you can tell from our morning reads: • What Are the Odds We’re Heading For Another Crash? (Wealth of Common Sense) see also The 10 Ways Market Corrections Appear on Twitter (TRB)…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • What the F*#k Should Investors Do? (Part 1) (Institutional Investor) and part II (here) • Emerging markets adapt to ‘new normal’ as commodities cycle ends (FT) • The Other Bull Market (Fool) • 5 things to do when markets plunge (Post) see also Bears Stalk the ‘Goldilocks’ Stock Market (WSJ)…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Hope you feel rested and refreshed! I have a feeling this week is going to get a bit funky! Start it right with our morning train reads: • How Scared Should Investors Be? (WSJ) see also Bear markets are a learning experience. Really. (USA Today) • The Quantitative Value Philosophy: Buy the Cheapest, Highest Quality Value…Read More

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