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Journalism in the Age of Data

How journalists are coping with a flood of information by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists.

Full Stanford University project info here.


Journalism in the Age of Data from geoff mcghee on Vimeo.


Hat tip Flowing Data

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Tuesday (YAWN) Non-Fed Links

Yeah, yeah, no change from the Fed QE/ZIRP blahblahblah. I am sick of the incessant Fed watching . . . Its become so predictable and boring. (We are due for a major shake up from them one of these days!) Meanwhile, here are the more interesting reads that caught my eye today: • The Long…Read More

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Outcome vs Process

I wanted to share an interesting email exchange from this weekend. “R” writes: “You occasionally shred an argument with more than a hint of animus. I don’t want to say its ad hominem, but it comes damn close.  Some people get viciously disemboweled, while others are more gently corrected. Why?” That’s a fair question. You…Read More

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About Those Expiring Tax Cuts . . .

Dan Gross has written what is likely the most informative and intelligent thing you will read about the tax cut expiration debate this entire year. I want to excerpt all 5 bullet points — but I would end up posting the entire piece. Points 1, 2 and 3 are the most informative, but point 4…Read More

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Tuesday Reads (9.14.10)

There have been quite a few interesting reads lately — these are what I find to be most important and compelling: • SEC Says Prince, Rubin Knew of Losses at Suit’s Focus (Bloomberg) • The Significance of Consumer Deleveraging (Comstock) • More banks missing TARP dividend payments  (WaPo) • EU markets chief Barnier warns London…Read More

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Only 1 in 3 Americans Favor Keeping Tax Cuts for Wealthy

Here is something that I hadn’t expected, probably due to the way Fin-Television has been covering this issue:  Only “one in three Americans, including a minority of independents and Democrats, in favor of extending the Bush-era tax cuts for all taxpayers.” Geez, based on the typical Squawk Box/Fox Business/NBC/ABC/CBS coverage, I was under the impression…Read More

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Some Folks Should Not Post on the Economy

Invictus here. Been a while.  Been a bit busy and, frankly, not much to say of late. As a general rule, I’d say that folks should refrain from posting on things they know nothing about.  The old saying (Abraham Lincoln, I believe, Mark Twain, according to commenters’ citations, attribution in dispute) comes to mind, “Better…Read More

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Wednesday Reads

I am off to rush-a-homa, but before I do, some links for your reading pleasure: • SEC Is Looking at ‘Quote Stuffing’   (WSJ) • Rogoff: Why America Isn’t Working  (Project Syndicate) • Sweep economists off their throne ( • Michael Lewis has  field day: Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds   (Vanity Fair) • New council of…Read More

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CrowdQuery: Greatest Mistake of the Crisis ?

In this morning’s NYT column — Lehman’s Last Hours — Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote: “But what is clear is that the politics of the moment played a factor — or at least was discussed among senior and junior staff — in the decision not to lend to Lehman Brothers, perhaps the greatest mistake of the…Read More

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Is Wall Street Research a “Valuable Social Good” ?

Earlier this month, Jeff Miller posted an interesting discussion about The Fly on the Wall litigation (lower court decision here; coverage of appellate arguments here). For those of you unfamiliar with The Fly, it is an online service that reproduced a headline feed of Wall Street Research coverage: Upgrades, downgrades, price targets. Several firms (Barclays/Lehman,…Read More

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