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Dow_oil_nazzAfter all of the criticizing I do about misleading headlines, it was a rare pleasure to read one that perfectly summed up both the article and the subject it was addressing: A Snub for the Fed’s Gift. Sayeth the WSJ: "The Federal Reserve sprinkled cheaper dollars on the economy, but it
wasn’t enough for investors looking for stronger economic growth and an
end to the mortgage crisis."

Despite yesterday’s fed fund and discount rate cuts, the market threw a hissy fit, with the Dow taking a ~300 point dip.

"The markets are simply disappointed," was the money quote in the piece.

Let’s briefly examine that: Some people seem to think the Fed’s mandate is to backstop speculators; others expect the Fed to overturn the Business Cycle and avoid recessions at all costs. Still others believe the Fed’s role is to help which ever party is currently esconced in power to get re-elected.

Their job is none-of-the-above. The Fed exists to insure maximum employment, price stability and moderate long term rates. By that standard, employment has not been so bad over the past few years — not as good as reported, but not terrible either. And Inflation has been elevated — Crude Oil is once again over $90 — to the point where it cannot be ignored.

There are many explanations for the different reaction to the Fed’s actions. My favorite is that when the Fed cuts rates while the market is oversold, we get a rally. When the Fed cuts when we are overbought — e.g., when a 2 week, 1,000 point Dow rally fully reflects anticipated rate cuts — we get a Sell-the-news reaction.

Hence, yesterday’s whackage . . .


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A Snub for the Fed’s Gift
Stock Investors Say Thanks a Lot, But Is That All? Dow Falls 294.26
WSJ, December 12, 2007; Page C1

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14,164.53* (Read it here first)

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Congrats to my pal Paul the K on his new web TV gig with Yahoo:

Yahoo TechTicker To Go After CNBC Crowd: The show will be called TechTicker, and it launches
in January. The goal is to attract the CNBC crowd – people who want to be
immersed in finance news all day long.  The hosts include Henry Blodget (Silicon Alley Insider), Sarah Lacy (Business Week columnist) and
Paul Kedrosky, plus one additional person who
has yet to be named. The team will produce 10-20 original segments per week day,
which will be shown live on the site. When live content isn’t streaming, old
content will show on a loop.

Look out, Howard, they are coming after you!


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