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Tuesday Reads

An eclectic brew of reads today:

• One Year Later… (Market Talk)
• Lessons NOT to learn from anniversaries (Marketwatch)
• 43% have less than $10k for retirement (CNN/Money)
• Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales (Guardian)
• Why every nation cooks its books (MSN)
• Whither securitization? (The Deal)
• Slashing the Deficit without Massive Tax Hikes (BusinessWeek)
Ack! Analyst: Dish May Have To Shut Down 8M DVRs After TiVo Legal Loss (MultiChannel)
• Vineyard Defaults Surge as Lost California Land Values Undermine Napa Wine (Bloomberg)
• Data Underload: Famous Movie Quotes  (Flowing Data)

What’s filling your visual field?

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Monday Reading

Some items that made my reading list for today: • Battle Inside Fed Rages Over Bank Regulation (WSJ) • With bank credit frozen, small U.S. businesses starting to turn to microlenders (Washington Post) • Retail sales show strongest gain since before the recession (LATimes) • Credit Suisse: $1 trillion worth of ARMs still face resets…Read More

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Weekend Linkfest!

Some very interesting reading this weekend: • Why capitalism fails (Boston Globe) • Housing Help may bring another bubble  (Las Vegas Sun) • Toyota secretive on ‘black box’ data (Associated Press) • Lehman Examiner Confronts Wall Street Secrecy to Unseal Report (Bloomberg) • Government Debt: Pro & Con -Zachary Karabel, Time -Bruce Bartlett, Forbes •…Read More

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Revisiting “The Obama Economy”

The rhetoric you use to make your point says a lot about a) the strength of your argument; 2) you personally. There is no better example of this then some of the OpEds about the current and past Presidents. They are rife with bad logic, political animus, and sheer partisanship. I don’t care id they…Read More

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CNBC Shoutfest

Its as if Charlie Gasparino never left: Be sure to see the discussion — more of a yelling match — of Predatory Lending on CNBC. My issue isn’t the opinions of the various parties, its the unchecked ignorance that takes arrogant pride in ignoring facts. Its borderline unwatchable. Kudos to Janet Tavakoli for politely explaining…Read More

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Tuesday Reads

Some quick items: • Interview/Podcast: Madoff Whistleblower Harry M. Markopolos (King World News) • Jim Jubak on the No. 1 key to long-term investing: Return on invested capital (MSN) • How Reagan ruined conservatism (FT) • The data deluge (The Economist) • Hotheaded Emanuel may be White House voice of reason (Washington Post) • Breakthrough…Read More

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Monday Reads

Quite a few interesting stories today in them papers. Here is what caught my eye: • Will Toyota’s problems hurt Honda? (CNN/Money) • Parsing 200 years of gold trades (MarketWatch) • Bill Gross is getting Ornery in his old age (PIMCO) . . . Hey McCulley! Take this guy fishing or sumpthin! • Vice Chairman…Read More

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Rupert Murdoch: The Future of Newspapers

Rupert Murdoch owns the controlling interest in News Corp., which in turn owns media properties on five continents — properties that include some 170 newspapers, dozens of television stations, half a dozen television networks, a publishing company, and a movie studio.

In this wide-ranging interview, Murdoch discusses his rise from proprietor of the Adelaide News at age 22 (on the death of his father) to international media mogul. Weighing in on topics as varied as capitalism, feature films, China, and Google, the conversation invariably returns to newspapers and journalism. He answers charges about the political slant to his papers.

“[The Wall Street Journal] certainly hasn’t become conservative — maybe a little more balanced. And the rest of the press is often monolithically unfair.” He asserts that, “in today’s digital age, content is not just king, it’s the emperor” and rejects the idea that the government must get involved to ensure the survival of a free press (an idea suggested by Dan Rather).

“A bailout for newspapers?” Rupert Murdoch calls it “rubbish, and very dangerous rubbish.”

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NYTimes Goes Media Crazy

The New York Times, in a paroxysm of media self-reflection, has no less than 5 articles on, well, the media, publishing, and even an article about the NYT itself: • Network News at a Crossroads • Deal Will Put Times Content on 850 Screens • Condé Nast Is Preparing iPad Versions of Some of Its…Read More

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Saturday LinkFest!

I always end up with a ton of stuff to read on the weekends — bookmarks, things I hadn’t gotten to all week, new materials. Here is what I will be perusing for the rest of the weekend: • Preparing for the Inevitable Bursting Bubble (NYT) • Barron’s cover story: GM Is Back! (Barron’s) •…Read More

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