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Boston Globe: A field guide to economics and finance blogs

Very cool article in the Sunday Boston Globe: A field guide to economics and finance blogs:

“As the bailout plan unfolded, the bloggers offered historical context along with cutting critiques of the proposal. More important still, they offered counterproposals: direct capital injections into banks, for example, or direct purchases of mortgages. Many of their readers began badgering their senators and representatives to oppose the plan. A few weeks later, Congress rebuffed Paulson, sending shockwaves through global financial markets.

Though it’s still unclear how much credit the blogs can take for shaping Washington’s response to the crisis, it’s already evident that policy makers charged with monitoring and fixing the markets are no longer operating alone. A fast-moving, highly informed economics blogosphere now tracks and critiques their every move. The result is that this may be the first national crisis to be hashed out by experts in full public view.

The blogs offer a rolling crash course in economics as authoritative as any textbook, but far more accessible. It’s a conversation that’s simultaneously esoteric and irreverent, combining technical discussions of liquidity traps and yield curves with profane putdowns and heckling headlines. In the process, the bloggers have helped to democratize policy making, throwing open the doors on the messy business of everything from declaring a recession to structuring the most expensive government bailout in history.”

And here’s the list of blogs discussed:

The Big Picture

Brad Setser’s Follow the Money

Calculated Risk

Credit Slips

Economist’s View


Marginal Revolution

Naked Capitalism

Nouriel Roubini’s Global Econo-Monitor

Its a privilege to be part of this list . . . way cool!


So, you want to save the economy?
All you need is a keyboard and a few good ideas. Inside the influential new world of econobloggers.
Stephen Mihm
Boston Globe, December 7, 2008

A field guide to economics and finance blogs

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Krugman vs. Shlaes — Not A Fair Fight

There’s no reason you should be following this silly little fight between Paul Krugman and Amity Shlaes. It centers around a false distinction but has wandered into a grudge match between two very different personalities. Krugman is abrasive but brilliant. Shlaes is plodding and tendentious. The funny thing is that they agree but neither wants…Read More

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Wall Street Crisis Overviews

I have been meaning to get to these two links: They are the huge overviews of the Credit, Housing and Wall Street Crises via the NYT and the WSJ: click to launch new page Credit Crisis — The Essentials NYT: The Financial Crisis WSJ:

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Worst Calls of 2008

I received a call from a journalist asking me what were the worst calls for 2008 — by the media, by the specific pundits, and others. My initial reaction was anything Ben Stein said in print, and anything Don Luskin said on Kudlow & Co. But there are obviously many others, and we are taking…Read More

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Tracking the $700 Billion Bailout

Via the NYT: Dozens of banks and a handful of insurers have applied for funds from the Treasury Department as part of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program. The Treasury has transferred capital to 30 of these companies and to A.I.G. More are expected to announce their participation in the coming weeks. Bailout by…Read More

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Debate on the Existence of Plunge Protection Team

From an anonymous trader/investor: CNBC Video Clip Denying Existence of Plunge Protection Team (aka President’s Working Group on Financial Markets: The link below contains the CNBC video clip and GATA discussion wherein the CNBC crew are AMAZED to learn about market intervention by the PPT of the S&P futures or that such a group and…Read More

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The 11 Blunders of Hank Paulson

James Pethokoukis is the money and politics blogger for U.S. News & World Report, where he writes the monthly Capital Commerce magazine column. Pethokoukis is also the assistant managing editor of the magazine’s Money & Business section. A 1989 graduate of Northwestern University where he double majored in Soviet politics and American history and a…Read More

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WSJ’s CEO Council

On the way home last night, I listened to a discussion of Hank Paulson, Robert Rubin, and Larry Summers — all former or current Treasury Secretaries — moderated by the the Journal’s Alan Murray. It was at an event hosted by the Journal, titled, CEO Council. There is a ton of good stuff worth…Read More

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Portfolio Cover: After the Fall

There is a long-but-worth it article (The End) in Portfolio by Michael Lewis, who traces the arc from Liar’s Poker to the End of Wall Street. Before you turn in fear of yet another Magazine Cover Indicator, be aware of one thing: The prostrate bull on the cover of the magazine does not represent,a s…Read More

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Bloomberg Sues The Fed; Transparency At The FED

Fed has learned more than %2 Trillion to troubled banks; FED rejects Bloomberg request identify loan recipients; Bloomberg news is suing the FED to force disclosure of loans; The Public doesn’t know collateral FED is accepting for loans; Analysis by Matt Wink


Bloomberg Sues Fed to Force Disclosure of Collateral
Mark Pittman
Bloomberg, Nov. 7

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