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Headline Source: Bloomberg or the Onion?

As noted earlier in comments, its hard to guess the true source of this headline:

• U.S. Recovery That’s Leaving Workers Jobless May Add to Company Profits

“Employers kept Americans’ working hours near a record low in August, signaling that economic growth is poised to reward companies with added profits while postponing any recovery in the job market.”

The answer is whited out — highlight the following to find the real source:


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How Economists Got It Wrong

In keeping with our theme of beating the mainstream press by months and sometimes years — I always try to beat the Noble Laurelates by at least 6 months — I wanted to point to both the massive Krugman piece in the Sunday Times Magazine, as well as referencing similar themes we’ve hit upon over…Read More

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1930: “Money on the Sidelines”

This is from “News from 1930” website “There’s a large amount of money on sidelines waiting for investment opportunities; this should be felt in market when “cheerful sentiment is more firmly intrenched.” Economists point out that banks and insurance companies “never before had so much money lying idle.” -August 28:, 1930 The more things change…Read More

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Fed Granted Stay; Has to 9/30 to Appeal Disclosure Order

Hear ye, heat ye, all rise! The case of Bloomberg LP v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan), No. 08-9595. > The Federal Judge that granted Bloomberg’s FOIA request for information about borrowers from the Federal Reserve has granted a temporary stay of execution…Read More

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Ten for Friday

Some reading for your end of week pleasure Experiment:  (I am going to try to create this in real time, so refresh this page frequently) Finished ! Linkage: • Leverage Rising on Wall Street at Fastest Pace Since ‘07 Freeze (Bloomberg) Banks are increasing lending to buyers of high-yield company loans and mortgage bonds at…Read More

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Where is WSJ’s “In Today’s Paper” ?

Subscribers to the WSJ may have noticed that the usual and easily accessible link tot he full digital version of the print edition “In Today’s Paper” is no longer on the home page. To find it, you need to sift thru 4 levels of nested links, via your account page. I don’t know if this…Read More

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Thursday 10 Link Roundup

Here’s a quick 10 spot of links worth reading: • U.S. Stock Pessimism Drops to Lowest Since 2007, Survey Finds (Bloomberg) Pessimism about U.S. stocks fell to the lowest level since the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index peaked in October 2007, as economic reports and policy makers indicate the recession in the world’s largest economy…Read More

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Wednesday 10 Spot

A quick tenner: • Kass: Market Has Likely Topped ( Investors today face the polar opposite of conditions that existed only a few months ago, with economic optimism, improving valuations and positive sentiment. Doug Kass believes the U.S. stock market has peaked for the year. To most investors, today the fear of being in has…Read More

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Tuesday 10 Spot

Here are your first 10 quick picks of the Bernanke era, part II: • Volcker Says Money-Market Funds Weaken U.S. Financial System (Bloomberg) Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman who is an adviser to President Barack Obama, said money-market mutual funds undermine the strength of the U.S. financial system and should be regulated more…Read More

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Bernanke Wins Reappointment

The majors all have the story that Ben will be reappointed by Obama: Obama will make the announcement tomorrow on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where he is vacationing with his family, and Bernanke is expected to join him, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The nomination requires Senate approval. Bernanke’s four-year term…Read More

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