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Monday Readings

Some items I found worth perusing –

• China New Village Makes Chanos See Dubai 1,000 Times (Bloomberg)
• Debt Deals Haunt Europe (WSJ)
• The Deflationist: How Paul Krugman found politics (The New Yorker)
Former SEC Chair Arthur Levitt on Risk and Discipline in the Financial Markets (WSJ OpEd)
• AIG Death Spiral Ends as Bailout Support Brings Stable Revenue (Bloomberg)
• Credit card relief is here, but watch out for new traps (CNN/Money)
• Accidentally Lets Its Domain Expire (DJMT)
• Fear the blobfish (LATimes)
• Roger Ebert: The Essential Man (Esquire)

What are you reading?

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Lazy Saturday Reads

Some reads for a Saturday afternoon: • BASICLAND: Charles Munger’s parable about how one nation came to financial ruin (Slate) • Agreement Is Near on New Overseer of Banking Risks (NYT) • Prof Robert Shiller: Engineering Financial Stability • Short sales grow as a cheaper alternative to foreclosure (LATimes) • Government fines? Toyota shouldn’t worry…Read More

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Most Influential Journalists (by Political Orientation)

On a lazy expiration Friday, you can either spend time on the Tiger nonsense, or you can surf the web looking for chartporn and other good time killing stuff. I chose the latter. Consider these two lists via Tunku Varadarajan. I met him some time ago (thru Paul Kedrosky) when he was managing editor of…Read More

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News Dots

Most news is inter-connected by various degrees of separation. People, places, story lines — very often overlap. News Dots visualizes how recent topics in the news fit together, like a giant social network. Subjects—represented by the circles below—are connected to one another if they appear together in at least two stories, and the size of…Read More

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Wednesday Reads

Some items that caught my eye today: • How to walk the fiscal tightrope that lies before us (FT) • Wall St. Helped Greece to Mask Debt Fueling Europe’s Crisis (NYT) • Tougher financial regulations not coming fast or easy for SEC’s Mary Schapiro (WaPo) • Banks step up spending on lobbying to fight proposed…Read More

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Gasparino: The Sellout

That’s the name of Charlie Gasparino’s new book, The Sellout. And its also what his colleagues over at CNBC might be thinking — as several readers noted over the weekend, Charlie jumped ship and has signed a multi-year deal with Fox Business Network. Back in his early days as a reporter for the WSJ, Gasparino…Read More

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Alacra Pulse

> Interesting website that compiles analyst commentary and media coverage on stocks: Street Pulse, finds comments by sell-side, industry and credit research analysts and melds those with comments from respected bloggers in an effort to answer the question “what do key opinion leaders have to say…” about a given company. Deal Pulse* compiles the latest…Read More

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Viral or AstroTurf ?

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to easily distinguish between genuine viral phenomena and astroturfing. I had my suspicions several years ago, but it reached a head with the “Peter Schiff Was Right” video. Even before he announced he was running for Senator in Connecticut, I strongly suspected the heavily edited…Read More

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Thursday Reads

Here’s what caught my eye today: • Economists Say Many Lost Jobs Won’t Return (WSJ) • Wall St.’s Biggest Bonuses Go to Not-So-Big Names (NYT) • What Henry Paulson’s new memoir misses about his own responsibility for the global meltdown (Slate) • They Never Learn, Part XXI: Spec Houses Rise as Builders Bet On Buyers…Read More

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Reads for a Snowy Afternoon

A few worthwhile items as the snow continues to fall: • Snow Job in Washington? (Barrons) • Geithner Gets Some Credit—But Still No Cheers (WSJ) • You’re Rich. Get Over It. (Slate) • Tea party genius: Sen. Larry Kudlow (Salon) • Why European debt matters to the United States (MarketWatch) • Bernanke Says Federal Reserve…Read More

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