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Monthly Case Shiller

This should be the last of the Seasonal adjustment discussions, but note the difference between the two data runs: Non Seasonally Adjusted and Seasonally Adjusted .
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Media coverage was mostly gushing:

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Tuesday Clickage

Tuesday clickage — quite a few items from around the web: • Michael Lewis amusingly opines:  Bashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools Its important to remember, the vampire squid doesn’t feed on human flesh. (Bloomberg) Related to the above: We Fear What We Don’t Understand (Kid Dynamite’s World) • The Great Recession:…Read More

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Monday Linkage

Monday linkage — some things from off the beaten path: • Jeremy Grantham calls markets at a Boring Fair Price!, and he is Waiting for Markets to be Silly Again;  Since early March, the market has had the type of strong speculative rally that often follows extreme declines. • After calling for a generational bottom…Read More

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Weekend Linkfest

A helluva week in the market — The Dow is over 9,000, and the earnings are just fantastic (well, maybe they are better than lowered expectations) and things are looking, well if not up, then at least not down into the abyss. REITs were the big winner, up 8.3% for the week (still off some…Read More

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Looking Askance at Existing Home Sales

Barron’s Alan Abelson discusses the lack of media skepticism when reporting most economic data these days. (Memo to media: A little skepticism, please.) As an example, he channels Mark Hanson, who makes one of our favorite arguments about housing seasonality. Excerpt: “Take the big play given to the 3.6% rise in sales of existing homes…Read More

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Friday Afternoon Readings

Friday linkage — something for everyone, bull and bear alike: • The Charade Of Quarterly “Earnings Surprises” (Business Insider) • What Can China Get For Its $2 Trillion? (Real Time Economics) • Simon Johnson says “Fix the economy? Curb corporate America (Salon) • America’s Disappearing Millionaires (Newsweek • Turf War Over Financial Oversight Plays Out…Read More

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Blogger Response to CNBC

I have been discussing back and forth with Dennis Kneale the war he seems to have found himself with the bloggers. As was pointed out last night by Bill in SF, some viewers are less than enthralled with Dennis’ channel. Here’s one such viewer’s take on the cable channel: > click for larger graphic photomontage…Read More

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Financial Reporting in Today’s Economy

Should financial media be held accountable for their failure to have warned the public of the current economic downturn? What steps are being taken to avoid this happening in the future?

A panel of leading financial reporters assess the global crisis and discuss the ‘perfect storm’ of events that led to it. Aspiring journalists will hear how to avoid the perils and pitfalls of the profession, and media observers can decide for themselves if the media is to blame.

With Charles Gasparino, on-air editor, CNBC; Farnoosh Torabi, correspondent, TV; Liz Claman, anchor, Fox Business Network; and Alan Murray, deputy managing editor, The Wall Street Journal; executive editor, Journal Online, and WSJ Television.

Moderated by Jeff Bercovici, Blogger, “Mixed Media,”


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Wednesday Reading

Wednesday linkage  — something for everyone: • Paulson’s Colossal Lack of Judgment (Alhambra) • Jamie Dimon v. Larry Summers (Baseline Scenario) • S&P Commits Professional Suicide With Ratings Round Trip, Underlying CRE Remains Toxic Garbage (Zero Hedge) • Business Journalism: A Vanishing Necessity? (Time) I’m curious as to why they limited this to business journalism…Read More

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Tuesday Linkage

Tuesday linkage  — something for everyone: •  Bernanke Disarms Lawmakers With Garage Meetings, Credit Repairs (Bloomberg) see also Bernanke Heads to Congress Battling Calls to Tame the Fed (WSJ) • Are Manufacturers Also Too Big to Fail? (NYT) • At N.Y. Fed, Blending In Is Part of the Job: Some Fear Wall Street Too Heavily…Read More

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