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Bernanke Wins Reappointment

The majors all have the story that Ben will be reappointed by Obama:

Obama will make the announcement tomorrow on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, where he is vacationing with his family, and Bernanke is expected to join him, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The nomination requires Senate approval. Bernanke’s four-year term as chairman expires Jan. 31

Game theory would have it this is the safe pick, the one that you cannot get into trouble for, even if things go bad later.

A new Fed Chair, in the event something went awry down the road would lead blame back to the White House.

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Monday Linkfest

Welcome to the working week: Here are the 10 most intriguing things I happened across this morning: • The Mistakes We Make—and Why We Make Them (WSJ) How investors think often gets in the way of their investment success. While we know that we made investment mistakes, and vow not to repeat them, most people…Read More

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Yahoo Finance vs Google Finance

Pretty interesting comparo: > Courtesy of NYT > Source: Where Yahoo Leaves Google in the Dust RANDALL STROSS NYT, August 22, 2009

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Saturday Linkfest

“Wall Street is the only place where people who own Rolls Royce seek advice of the ones who travel to work by subway/local trains”   -Warren Buffet So says Sir Warren, who if he knew who we were, would be enjoying this weekend reading right now via the local Dairy Queen’s WiFi: • Stocks, Oil Hit…Read More

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Friday 10 Spot

Some afternoon reading for your pleasure weekend: • Corporate bond defaults hit record (FT) The number of companies defaulting on their debts has risen to record levels this year, according to Standard & Poor’s, while investment returns for risky corporate debt have skyrocketed since January. S&P said 201 borrowers with $453.1bn in debt have defaulted…Read More

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10 Links for Thursday

Here are 10 items to keep you busy this afternoon. (All links are guaranteed to be gluten and lactose-free). • The Roubini Backlash Begins: Roubini is clearly an intelligent fellow who has produced some interesting works. However, just as clearly, he is not a prophet or anything close. More accurately, Roubini has disingenuously promoted himself…Read More

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Wednesday 10 Spot

Here are 10 items that caught my eye: • Bears prowl Wall St as insiders dump stock (Reuters) A massive rally in U.S. stocks since March has reawakened bullish spirits, but insiders are jumping out of the market in a sign the run up is getting stretched.Company executives are selling stock at a rate not…Read More

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10 For Tuesday

10 Quick hits for a lazy Tuesday afternoon: • The Signs Don’t Point To a Typical Recovery (Washington Post) The wounded U.S. economy has shown signs of improvement in recent weeks. But many economists, who were caught off guard by the brutality of the downturn, are accentuating the negative, bracing for head winds that could…Read More

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10 Links: Monday Edition

Some less-than-green-shoots seem to be causing consternation today amongst the run&gun crowd. Here are 10 items worth your time: • For FDIC, Friday Means Failures (The Deal) Each Friday night, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. preps its SWAT teams of regulators to fan out and secure more banks. No one other than FDIC Chairman Sheila…Read More

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Sunday Linkage

Quite a few worthwhile reads for before or after the beach! The following links are interesting, off the beaten path provocative, or just worthwhile. And because its Sunday, there is a bonus link beyond the usual 10. Enjoy: • How the Crowd Might Be Wrong (Barron’s) Right now the crowd looks to be gathering around…Read More

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