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Tuesday Reads

Fascinating stuff on the intertubes today:

Fischer Speaking Means Bernanke Listening When Rates Fluctuate (Bloomberg)

Are the Dollar Bears Too Bullish? (Barron’s)

Commercial RE Values Off 43% From 2007 Peak (Globe ST)

Amazon vs Wal-Mart Price War (NYT) see also Round-Up of Holiday Spending Surveys, Reports (Panzner)

Fed Said to Ask Banks to Submit Plans to Repay TARP (Bloomberg)

• Spitzer: The new AIG report reveals how the Treasury secretary—and U.S. taxpayers—were fleeced by Wall Street banks (Slate) see also AIG’s Rescue Bedevils U.S. (WSJ)

How to shrink the banks (Prospect)

Geithner Is Stalking Horse for Rage at Wall Street (Bloomberg) See also Could Wall Street Actually Lose in Congress? (New Republic)

• Paul Farrell: 15 signs Wall Street pathology is spreading (Marketwatch)

Fixed-Schedule Productivity: How I Accomplish a Large Amount of Work in a Small Number of Work Hours (Study Hacks)

Fine-Tuned With Age, Bryant’s Game Keeps Evolving (NYT) Can Kobe become the next Jordan?

Narrative charts of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars Trilogy (Pasa la vida)

What are you reading?

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Monday Catch Up Readings

After being away for a few days, here are some items that look interesting: • Dollar Slump Persisting as Top Analysts See No Bottom (Bloomberg) • Wall Street’s Spin Game (NYT) • How to shrink the banks (Prospect) • Unsustainable Path (Market Talk) • Riding the Waves (Time) A look at Prechter’s theory of social…Read More

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Wednesday Reading (Asia Edition)

Interesting stuff: • China’s Blunt Talk for Obama (WSJ) • China Faces Asset-Bubble Risk, PBOC Adviser Fan Says (Bloomberg) • China vs United States by the Numbers (NYT) • Riding on China’s coat-tails (Business Spectator) • Hong Kong to U.S: Please Don’t Blow our Bubbles (Real Time Economics) • The Tokyo Hot List: 20 people…Read More

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Tuesday Reads

Some interesting reads: • Recovery Can Only Go So Far Without Jobs (Market Talk) • Paul Farrell: Wall Street’s 2012 meltdown sweepstakes (Marketwatch) • Lessons from the crisis: Re-educate the geeks (Reuters)   British quant seeks to reform financial risk-takers • America’s Newest Land Baron: FDIC (WSJ) • Not So Pretty Numbers And The New…Read More

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Monday Reading

Some interesting stories to start off your week: • China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy (Telegraph) • Hedgies Unhinged (New York Magazine) • Gold prices are a dead giveaway (Independent) • The Debt Economy (James Surowiecki) • Coming Soon: Jobs! (Slate) • Gretchen Morganson: Home Builders (You Heard That Right)…Read More

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Internal CNBC Guest Memo Leaked!

Richard Ambrose is the author of some amusing financial humor. He is the original author of The Lloyds Prayer that was widely circulated without proper attribution last week (my apologies, Richard!) His most recent work takes a poke at one of my favorite CNBC curmudgeons, Mark Haines: How To Be An Agreeable Guest Of Mark…Read More

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Friday Linkfest

Some reading for a Friday afternoon: • Is Gold a six thousand year-old bubble? (FT) • Market Ignorance is Bliss (The • The Real Danger of ‘One Big Regulator’ (WSJ) What if those in control don’t believe in oversight? • The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate (Market Talk) • Corporate insiders betting on the rally continuing…Read More

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Wednesday Reading

Now that I am back at my desk, here are some quick reads: • Chanos Condemns ‘Monstrous Idea’ That Banks Love (Bloomberg) • Under Attack, Fed Chief Studies Politics (NYT) • Rosenberg: U.S. unemployment rate headed for 12.0-13.0% (Credit WriteDowns) • Attention Lloyd Blankfein: The Public Purpose of Banking (Marshall Auerback, New Deal 2.0) • How…Read More

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Why Has the Charlie Rose Show Messed Up Its Website?

Regular readers might notice that Charlie Rose video links have become less common. The reason is that the site disabled embedding. But its more than that — the entire CRS site has become far less functional — Firefox wont play video, the calendar seems to glitch out on me when I can even find it….Read More

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Living in the Year 1,500

This morning, I reread a fabulous piece on Journalism & Newspapers by Clay Shirky. A reader had sent this to me sometime last year, and it is one of those essays that contains a sprinkling of magic dust. Shirky always seems to find the heart of an issue and contextualize it in a profound manner….Read More

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