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The Men Who Would Be Roubini . . .

Rich Karlgaard gets all up in the grills of the “über bears” in this post. This alone would not be particularly noteworthy, except Karlgaard is quite charming and somewhat reserved in person.

He calls Robert Prechter “howling insanity,” noted that Paul Farrell is the new “apocalypse beat writer,” and saves particular vitriol for “the oddest of them all, a book writing blowhard Harry Dent.”

I’ll takes pop psychology for $100, Alex

“The howling insanity of Prechter and his fellow bears is rising. My theory about this is admittedly cynical. It could be called The Men Who Want to Be Roubini. The [NYU] econ professor and permabear, Nouriel Roubini, happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right call in September 2008. The result was that Roubini’s lecture fees zoomed from cab fare to $60K in seven seconds.

The Men Who Want to Be Roubini–which is to say rich and famous . . . “

Ouch . . .

He does have some nice things to say about Doug Kass and I. (Dougie — remind me never to piss Rich off!)


Insane Bulls And Bears
Rich Karlgaard
Digital Rules, July 7, 2010 – 3:21 pm

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Smackdown! Rosenberg vs Epstein

David Rosenberg went nuclear on Barron’s Gene Epstein yesterday for overly optimistic economic forecasts (we previously took Mr. Epstein to task for the same thing: here). Here’s Rosie: > “A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it is committing another mistake.” – Confucius Barron’s economic guru, Gene Epstein, titles his column in…Read More

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Long Weekend Reading

Some very interesting beach reading for the long weekend: • Former Intel chief Andy Grove: How America Can Create Jobs  (Businessweek) • Federal Reserve Made U.S. Taxpayers Junk-Bond Buyers  (Bloomberg) • Revenge of the Bond Nerds (Barron’s) • Robert Prechter, in the Sunday Times forecasting Dow 1,000:  A Market Forecast That Says ‘Take Cover’ (NYT)…Read More

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Monday Reads

Here is what caught my attention over the preceding 24 hours: • The Banks That Cried Wolf (Slate) • Gold Investors Who Want It ‘To Go’  (WSJ) • How bad is it going to be? . . . .-Hussman: Recession Warning  (Hussman Funds) . . . . Oh, yeah? Krugman: The Third Depression (NYT) •…Read More

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Weekend Reads

I have a ton of work to get through today, but here are the readings that I found interesting . . . • Grading Financial Regulatory Reform (TBP) • WSJ gets surprisingly Bullish on the recovery: . . . . . -Factories Grapple With How Fast to Ramp Up (JUNE 20, 2010) . . ….Read More

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McChrystal’s Balls – Honorable Discharge

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McChrystal’s Balls – Honorable Discharge
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Non FOMC Related Reads

I am S O – B O R E D of all the Fed chatter. Its become meaningless blather, as we now know they are not going to tighten til around 2020 or so. So instead of focusing on that nonsense, here are some unrelated, non-Fed readings that are well worth your while. • Inside…Read More

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Monday Reads

Here is what caught my eye today: • Analysts Least Favorite Stocks Are Market’s Best Performers (Bloomberg) Classic! • Winners and losers from a firmer yuan (Reuters) • Is the Fed out of bullets? (CNN/Money) • Financial Overhaul Bill: What’s on the Agenda? (Real Time Economics) • BP, Transocean tap a well of Washington lobbyists…Read More

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Props to BR; Bond Bubble; Deleveraging

Kudos to BR for a nice tout in this week’s Up and Down Wall Street column in Barron’s, penned this week by Randall Forsyth: A graphic from the U.K. Guardian passed along by Barry Ritholtz on his terrific blog, The Big Picture (www.ritholtz. com/blog), shows that the U.S. consumes 25% of global oil output while…Read More

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Friday Reads

Some items of interest: • 4.6% Increase in Private Hours Worked Are Positive for the Economy (Economix) • The Growing Push to Impose a Transaction Tax (Dealbook) • Fed’s No. 2 Man Says Rules ‘Didn’t Keep Up (WSJ) • Kass: The Decline and Fall of P/E Multiples ( • Fed Emerging Intact From Challenge to…Read More

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