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Is WordPress As Big as Gutenberg? Almost.

WordPress, the blogging software that powers The Big Picture along with 11 million other blogs and has 256 million unique visitors to its hosted sites, may not be as revolutionary as movable type but it is a crucial element in what has made it possible for blogging to grow from a hobby into a major threat to the mainstream media.

Here’s the opening graphs of my story on The Big Money explaining who is behind WordPress and why they’ve been able to grow so big without becoming a big company themselves:

A year ago, Justin Halpern was an underemployed comedy writer who had to move back into his parents’ home in San Diego. Today, he’s got 1.4 million Twitter followers, the
No. 1 book on the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list, and a CBS sitcom starring William Shatner. All it took was writing down quotes from his father that he tweets out as “Shit My Dad Says.”

Technology and social media are redrawing the roadmap to authorial success. And for every Justin Halpern, there are 10,000 professional writers wondering how to turn blogs, microblogs, and Twitterfeeds into media empires, especially now that their magazines, newspapers, and media organizations are contracting at an alarming rate. Blogs, of course, are the first refuge for professional writers fleeing the withering establishment media, and for hordes of would-be scribes finding their own voice. For these multitudes, has become the 21st-century equivalent of Gutenberg’s printing press.


The Son of Gutenberg
Marion Maneker
June 16, 2010;

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Afternoon Reading

These are the reads that I found most informative and important today: • BP Cancels Dividend to Set Aside $20 Billion for Spill Costs (Bloomberg); See also BP well leaking as much as 60K barrels/day: U.S. (Marketwatch) • Hulbert: Avoiding a (Dow Theory) death sentence (Marketwatch) • Who’s Spending Again? The Rich and the Old…Read More

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Monday Readings

A few interesting reads that caught my eye: • Calling a Bear a Bear (Barron’s) • The most discussed article of the day: U.S. Discovers Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan (NYT) • Years of Internal BP Probes Warned That Neglect Could Lead to Accidents (ProPublica) • Dan Gross: Can the United States and Europe…Read More

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Big Investment Firms Whine About News Coverage

Over the weekend, we noted that, according to a recent poll, Goldman Sach’s reputation is worse than even BP’s. Following that, I caught the tail end of a radio interview over the weekend, where some wire house senior executive (didn’t get the name) was complaining about the negative coverage his firm received in the press….Read More

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Fair Warning

Larry Kudlow, December 7, 2007: BUSH BOOM CONTINUES There is no recession. Despite all the doom and gloom from the economic pessimistas, the resilient U.S economy continues moving ahead—quarter after quarter, year after year—defying dire forecasts and delivering positive growth. In fact, we are about to enter the seventh consecutive year of the Bush boom….Read More

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Read It Here First: Buy What You Hate

You may recall I mentioned a recent trade in Citigroup, and Bank of America, posted under the headline “Buy What You Hate.” Following the edict that good artists copy and great artists steal, Dilbert creator Scott Adams suggests in the WSJ that you “put your money on the companies that you hate the most.” Excerpt:…Read More

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Tuesday Reading

Some reads for a Tuesday afternoon . . . • Kass:  Placing Our Bets, Once More, on the Banks? ( • U.S.’s $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP (Bloomberg) • The dreadful potential of frugality (FT) • Bernie Madoff, Free at Last (NY Mag) • Report: Revolving Door Spins Quickly Between Congress, Wall Street…Read More

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Art Laffer: Make Up Your Own Facts Here

To a man whose only tool is a hammer, pretty soon everything begins to look like a nail. I couldn’t help but be reminded of that aphorism as I read the most popular article on yesterday — Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse — a screed on the Laffer curve and Supply Side…Read More

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Thoughts on Doing a Video/Podcast

One of the regular requests into the Big Picture inbox is the idea of doing some sort of regular broadcast — a radio show, an audio podcast, a video segment.  I am intrigued by the idea, but there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome: • I have zero interest in doing anything…Read More

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Thursday Reads

These few items caught my eye today: • Is William Dudley, NY Fed, President on the way out? (FT) • Buffett’s Hypocrisy (Video) • Gulf Coast oil spill could wreck region’s tourism and fishing industries (Washington Post) •Blame Hitler: Why Europe is responding so timidly to its economic crisis (Slate) • 39 Minutes With Ace…Read More

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