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2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS

Via New York Magazine, comes this amusing collection of bad forecasts for the 2008 year:

• Jon Birger, senior writer, Fortune Investors Guide 2008
Smart investors should buy [Merrill Lynch] stock before everyone else comes to their senses.”
Merrill’s shares plummeted 77 percent.

• Elaine Garzarelli, president of Garzarelli Capital, Business Week’s Investment Outlook 2008
Buy some of the most beaten-down stocks, including those of giant financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Merrill Lynch.
As of January 1, none of these firms will still exist.

• Sarah Ketterer, CEO of Causeway Capital Management, Fortune Investors Guide 2008
“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been pummeled. Our stress-test analysis indicates those stocks are at bargain basement prices.”
Fannie and Freddie had lost 90 percent of their value.

• Jon Birger, senior writer, in Fortune Investors Guide 2008
Our bet is that in a stormy market investors will gravitate toward, GE, the ultimate blue chip.

GE’s stock price tumbled 55%, and it’s on the verge of losing its triple-A credit rating.

• Archie MacAllaster, chairman of MacAllaster Pitfield MacKay in Barron’s 2008 Roundtable
“Bank of America will [not cut its dividend], I think they’ll raise it this year. My target price for the stock is $55.”
BofA share price now hovers around $14, and it has slashed its dividend in half.

• James J. Cramer, “Future of Business”  New York Magazine
“Goldman Sachs… finishes the year at $300 a share. Not a prediction — an inevitability.”

Goldman Sachs’ share price was $78, and the firm announced its first quarterly loss — $2.2 billion.

Yes, the 2008 investment guides were HILARIOUS — but what makes you think the 2009 guides will be any different.


The Folly of Forecasting Contributor
6/7/2005 1:05 PM EDT

Worst Predictions for 2008 (December 2008)

2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS
By: Daily Intel
New York, 12/22/08 at 6:01 PM

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The Barron’s Forecasting Challenge

Think you know what will happen in financial markets in 2009, then take our 8th Annual Forecasting challenge. The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Barron’s, lunch with Associate Editor Andrew Bary or $100.


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Strange Bedfellows

Prospect‘s choices for top public intellectuals of 2008: Included are Nouriel Roubini and General David Petraeus. My pal Paul points out they make for fascinatingly strange bedfellows

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NYT: Blaming Bush for the Wrong Things

The Sunday New York Times has a front page article more or less blaming Bush for the housing and credit crisis. Its part of their “The Reckoning” series, and it is in some ways, off base. The long article (written by 3 people) comes close to some real truths, but it veers off, focusing on…Read More

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Madoff Red Flags Were There All Along

In 2001, reporter Erin Arvedlund wrote an article for the financial weekly Barrons that was skeptical of Bernard Madoff’s strategy and performance on Wall Street. She questioned how Madoff was able to offer good returns. She talks with Steve Inskeep about the impetus for her story and what she learned in the process.

Morning Edition, December 18, 2008

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Audit Interview: Jack Dolan

Columbia Journalism Review interviews the Miami Herald reporter whose series we have highlighted here many times. JD: I expected there would be some criminal histories. There’s gonna be a few pot possessions and stuff like that. The law said that they were supposed to screen brokers for crimes involving fraud, dishonesty, and “moral turpitude”, which…Read More

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