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Sunday Reads

After a week of gray, rain, grayer, snow, and even more gray, the sun is finally out. The snow has melted, and its gorgeous out. Time to take the two seater out for a ride, and enjoy the weather!

Meanwhile, I have several good reads from the past few days that are worth pouring a cup of coffee and spending some time with before the weekend is over:

Retailers Shift Focus to Post-Holiday Deals to Lure Buyers (Bloomberg)

A Flat Dow for [another] 10 Years? Why It Could Happen (Barrons)

• Corporate Governance two-fer:

-Does Golden Pay for the CEOs Sink Stocks? (Yes) (WSJ)
-What Iceberg? Just Glide to the Next Boardroom (NYT)

How Overhauling Derivatives Died (WSJ) Short answer: The US Congress, a wholly owned subsidiary of the banking sector.• More prime mortgages default in 3rd quarter (LA Times)

Andy Kessler: Put Down That Shovel! Forget old-fashioned infrastructure — here are 6 government projects to foster a lasting economic recovery.

• Media two-fer:

-The Real Reason Newspapers Are Losing Money
-The Tablet Hype: Why they can’t save newspapers (Slate)

• Green Daredevils: Rise of Wind Turbines Is a Boon for Rope Workers (NYT)

Give us our daily brand (Guardian)

The 2009 List of 2009 Lists (Fimoculous)

What are you reading?

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Christmas Reading

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday festivities. I managed to relax and do very little work today. But I did come across quite a number of interesting articles — these are worth a read, regardless of the holidays: • China Raises GDP Estimates, Closing in on Japan as Second-Biggest Economy (Bloomberg) • Stadium Boom…Read More

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Tuesday Reading

An interesting variety of readings today: • Holiday Cliffhanger: Stores Pin Hopes on Last-Minute Shoppers (WSJ) • The Equity Culture Loses Its Bloom (Institutional Investor): ‘The equity party is over. After a 25-year bender in which stocks catapulted Wall Street to such dizzying heights that financial firms managed to tip off a worldwide recession, the…Read More

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Monday Afternoon Readings

Quite a few interesting reads, in what is otherwise expected to be an light week: • Economic Improvement two-fer: -Labor Data Show Surge in Hiring of Temp Workers (NYT) -Treasury Yield Curve Steepens to Record Amid Growth Outlook (Bloomberg) • Why can’t Americans make things? Two words: business school (TNR) • Fed’s approach to regulation…Read More

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Friday Afternoon Reads

Some interesting items that caught my eye today: • Agencies in a Brawl for Control Over Banks (WSJ) • Accounting rule impact delayed (The Hill) • Apparently, I am a Sith Lord (Business Insider) • Harvard’s Feldstein Says U.S. Economy Still Mired in Recession (Bloomberg) • Best of the Year: -BOSTONIAN OF THE YEAR The…Read More

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Morning Bank Reads

Here is what I am looking at today this morn: • No News Is Good News From the FOMC (Barron’s) • How America let banks off the leash (FT) • 4 Big Mortgage Backers Swim in Ocean of Debt (NYT) • Out from under TARP, banks are now free to fail again (Washington Post) •…Read More

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Bernanke Named Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

Person of the Year 2009 I have nothing to say about this. Feel free to go off in comments . . .

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Whatever little patience I had with Patrick Byrne, and his overzealous friends at, has now become officially exhausted. As I noted last week ( Scraping Facebook Friends), this group found the Facebook friends and relatives of any journalist, critic, fund manager or blogger who dared to  criticize Overstock (or Deep Capture), and then published…Read More

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FDIC, OTS Not Cooperating with Media Investigations

The Puget Sound Business Journal has done yeoman’s work investigating the storied history of WaMu. (See The Rise & Fall of WaMu and The Last Days of WAMU). I just found their most recent work, The fight for WaMu documents. It details some of the more absurd redactions that were made to the documents they…Read More

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Random Readings

Some of the things that will be keeping me busy this weekend: • Federal subsidy may change muni bond market for good (Economist) • The Year in Ideas issue for 2009 (NYT Magazine) • Being Wrong Vs. Being Early (Todd harrison) • Hypocrisy in Senate Grilling of Bernanke? (Paul Kasriel, Northern Trust) see also Real…Read More

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