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July 4th Weekend Linkfest!

Its been a while since we’ve had a full blown weekend linkfest, and given the long holiday weekend, why not? Its time for some random linkage. These are the articles, columns and links that caught my eye recently. (Some sites require registration)

Let’s get clickin’ !

Trading & Investing

Stock analysts say outlooks will be key amid dark earnings: With expectations low, some market watchers expect surprises to the upside  (Marketwatch)

Michael Lewis: The Man Who Crashed the World (Vanity Fair) More on the AIG FP debacle comes to light

Is Goldman Legally Frontrunning Its Clients? (Zero Hedge)

Shorts Story: Five names to bet against now (Barron’s)  Short Alert has five short recommendations: JCOM, MIDD, CMP, LRN, and PTV.

‘Rogue broker’ blamed for oil spike (FT)

Why Didn’t Canadian Banks Go Wild? Short answer: Very different exec culture and regulatory environments.

Yield Forecast: Further Rise Ahead in 2010 (Barron’s)

India Joins Russia, China in Questioning U.S. Dollar Dominance (Bloomberg)  How long will the Greenback be the world’s reserve currency?

Small Firms Lure Big-Company Exiles (WSJ)

Banks’ Bogus Bonuses: Don’t buy the hype on bonuses — they still suck.   (Big Money) see also: On Wall Street: Banks no longer so lucrative (FT)


A second half recovery is suddenly not a sure thing (Marketwatch)  Um, it was never a sure thing — and quiet a few of us pointed out it was hardly even a likely possibility.

American jobs data are worse than we think (FT)  Mohamed El-Erian is not a green shoot believer . . .

Tourists Usually In Spain Stay Mainly Off The Planes (NPR)  Love the hedline

Dollar Is Buoyed by Weak Jobs Data (WSJ) And yet, when the going gets tough, its where everyone flocks…

Rising debt may be next crisis (AP)

Below the Line: Estimates of Negative Equity among Nonprime Mortgage Borrowers (NY Fed)  Gee, who would have ever guessed Negative Equity amongst  subprime  borrowers would lead to lots of foreclosures?

Think Again: Asia’s Rise Uber optimistic report from FP urging you not to believe “the hype about the decline of America and the dawn of a new Asian age.” Whatever you say, guys.

‘Buy China’ Pesticide Withers Those Green Shoots (Bloomberg)  Yet more proof decoupling is a farce

FDIC Bank Failures by Week (Calculated Risk)

Greetings from California!

If Paul Krugman Were a Japanese Woman? (Slate)

Real Estate

So Many Foreclosures, So Little Logic (NYT)

Zero Down Is a Foreclosure Factor (Duh)

Cracked Houses: What the Boom Built (WSJ) EZ credit + Unscrupulous Builders = Falling apart new houses

Negative Equity + Subprime = Default (NY Fed)

Thaler on Mortgages Made Simpler (NYT) The behavioral economist on how to avoid another mortgage meltdown

Another wave of foreclosures is poised to strike (LA Times)

Legal, Regulatory

Staffer at SEC Had Warned Of Madoff (Washington Post)  Yet more proof of how the SEC has been gutted over the past 10 years

Why is the SEC Considering Banning Short Selling? Must be our a bull market excess stupidity

Tax Breaks for Ponzi-Scheme Victims (Smart Money) Did Bernie rip you off? Some small relief may be coming from the tax man

Billions stolen in online robbery (BBC)

Global Politics

Ron Paul Strikes Gold (Big Money)

Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election (NYT)

Ignoring Propethic Predictors Why has the Obama administration appointed so many people resposible for the crisis/collapse to important positions?

It Came from Wasilla (Vanity Fair) see also Palin Resignation Leaves Party ‘Weaker’ as It Seeks New Leaders (Bloomberg)

Science & Technology

The Magic Behind Amazon’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Question Fascinating discussion on the impact of “Was this review helpful?”

The allure of crowd-sourced, single-topic blogs (Slate)

Manta Ray Feeding Frenzy (National Geographic Society)


Astronomers See A New Class of Black Hole (NPR)

DOJ opens formal investigation into Google Books settlement (C/NET)

Random Fun Stuff

Megan Fox interview with Harry Smith (Our new favorite couple) (EW)

Crap Detection 101 (SF Chronicle) Fun read

Costa Rica tops good life survey (FT)

5 Steps to Happiness (Marketwatch)

Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died too funny!

That’s all from the Hamptons, where the beaches are crowded, the weather gorgeous, and the restaurants surprisingly empty. . .

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The Man Who Crashed the World

I cannot figure out why you PR people keep sending me PDFs of articles, but then don’t post it online. Do you want the publicity or not? If yes, than a) post it on your site; b) THEN send out the email. Its kinda hard to link to meatspace items on a blog . ….Read More

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AM Reading

These caught my eye this morning: • Street to Log Best Quarter Since Crisis (WSJ) • Bernanke’s ‘Green Shoots’ Take Over the Lexicon, If Not U.S. (Bloomberg) • He’s Got Gamma (Barron’s) • How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue; Industrial Giant Becomes Top Recipient in Debt-Guarantee Program (Washington Post) • What was a…Read More

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Afternoon Reading

Somethings I have bookmarked for later today: ● ZeroHedge: Q1 Bank Trading: Only Interest Rate Derivatives (Make That Goldman Sachs) ● New Yorker: Sheila Bair and the White House financial debate. ● The LA Times: Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California The region had the nation’s biggest percentage jump in 2008, and the number this…Read More

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Podcast Spotlight: Understand the Economy

> How much do you really understand about the the world of money, banks, and global trade? These podcasts take you beyond the screaming headlines and wobbling stock prices to show how the economy really works: NPR: Planet Money Bloomberg: On the Economy Marketplace Whiteboard The World: Global Economy The Big Money The Economist BBC’s…Read More

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Fixing FinTV Redux

I was surprised how many sites linked to my little diatribe on How to Fix Financial Television last week. There were a wide ranging assortment from market blogs to Fortune to Crooks & Liars; Even Forbes reran the entire piece. Dear John Thain had a good post on the subject this weekend, Making the Financial…Read More

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Random Linkage

A few interesting items that caught my eye this weekend: • Banking’s revisionist history (The Economist) • Paul Krugman’s fear for lost decade (Guardian) • Joseph Stiglitz on Wall Street’s Toxic Message (Vanity Fair) • No, We’re Hardly Another Zimbabwe (Barron’s) • Looking (unsuccesfully) for the economic recovery everyone seems to be talking about (econbrowser)…Read More

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Forbes: How To Fix Financial Television

How To Fix Financial Television was carried on (That’s the author photo — I look like a  tough guy crime reporter. Only not so much in real life)

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Schiff the Communist?

Peter Schiff was on The Daily Show last night — and they ran a hilarious compilation of his various appearances, with hosts essentially laughing at him. Does anyone remember what show/host called him a communist/socialist ? Anyone have a link to the video ?

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Googlenomics Explained

Terrific article in this month’s Wired on Google’s secret sauce. “The microeconomics of Google is more complicated. Selling ads doesn’t generate only profits; it also generates torrents of data about users’ tastes and habits, data that Google then sifts and processes in order to predict future consumer behavior, find ways to improve its products, and…Read More

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