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Newsweek: Why It’s Worse Than You Think

No, this is not a cover indicator — the cover indicator requires several factors not present here: It helps to be for a widely
tradable item (Stocks, Oil, Bonds, etc.), and it has to be something that is widely known  — A recession is questionable amongst the pros, although surveys make it clear the public is hip to this.

The economy is simply too big and too general to
be much of a trading tell via a cover. Same thing goes for single companies, too — Google, Apple etc.




The Single Company Magazine Cover Indicator (March 2006)

Why It’s Worse Than You Think

Daniel Gross
NEWSWEEK  June 16, 2008

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Bogof_flyer1Kudos to TSCM for moving to flash, rather than that crappy WMP video, they used to use. (Hey Bloomberg! How about you?)

I’m told that’s been running a couple of months, which shows you how often I’m at that part of the site.

Let’s pull a random, video to show — hey, how about this one? We showed you the ad for "Buy One House, Get One Free" on Tuesday; Later that day, had an interview with my friend, Paul Kedrosky — who not only is a Real Estate guru (WTF?!) but loves the smell of Napalm in the morning !

Aside from that slight shift in title (from college professor and VC to love guru, here’s the accompanying video:

California: Buy One House, Get One Free (June 03, 2008 | 09:00 AM)

Two Homes for the Price of One?

Brittany Umar
& Paul Kedrosky, Tue 06/03/08 17:42 PM EST

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Perception versus Value

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Uh-Oh: Economist Cover on Oil

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Bad Headline of the Day: ISM Expands ?

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The Fall of Bear Stearns

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Herb Greenberg’s 5 Simple Lessons

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Macro vs. Detailed Perspective

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