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Monday Reads

I’m outta here early for the holiday, but not before I left you with some worthwhile reading materials:

The Official Announcement: US to Sell 7.7 Billion shares of Citigroup Common Stock (Treasury)

Euro Trashed: The euro zone is broken. Germany should leave and form its own monetary union. (NYT)

• Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) hires its first lobbyist (Bloomberg)

• Eddie Lampert the Next Buffet? Hardly (Business Week)

• John Bogle: Old-fashioned investing advice still applies (LA Times)

• The Mother of All Jobless Recoveries (The Atlantic)

• Reform in Congress Lacking Cash Clause to Stop Lehman-Like Runs (Bloomberg)

Dan Gross asks this about politics: Is 2010 Going To Be 1994 or 1934? (Slate)

• China’s official instructions on reporting on Google (Washington Post)

• The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables (flickr)

•  Trashing Michael Lewis new book, The Big Short, for what it gets wrong (naked capitalism)

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Misunderstanding the Last Financial Crisis

I wanted to address a glaring error in a David Leonhardt NYT Sunday Magazine article, titled Heading Off the Next Financial Crisis, In the column, Leonhardt wrote: “But there was a fatal flaw in the new system. The banks’ new competitors received scant oversight. They were not directly bound by Roosevelt’s restrictions. “We had this…Read More

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Well, Not Yet, Anyway

Cramer, late last week (prior to its passage), on health care reform: First, it is the single biggest impediment to the stock market going higher. As I write this (late Thursday morning), the market (S&P500) has tacked on ~1.3% so far this week, with healthcare, pharma, etc. — all the companies Obamacare was going to kill —…Read More

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Wednesday Reads

Busy day (again) Here is what I saved for later in terms of reading material: • Short Sellers Do Work of Cops on Doughnut Break  (Bloomberg) • As Financial Reformer, Dodd, Again, Dogged by Appearance of Conflict (ABC News) Questions Over Wife’s Role on the Board of Futures Exchange That Could Benefit From Proposed Derivatives…Read More

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Tuesday Reads

Been out of pocket all afternoon — gotta catch up! Here are few items that I will be reading on the train home: Oh, and I am doing this in real time. You can watch this list come together (keep refreshing Done!) • Dow at New 17-Month High (WSJ) • Google Is Hiring Bond Traders…Read More

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Monday Links

Some interesting reading material for your Monday afternoon pleasure: • New York Fed Warehousing Junk Loans On Its Books: Examiner’s Report (Huff Po) • Sentiment’s dark cloud (Marketwatch) • Buh-Bye: Finra shuts down GunnAllen (Investment News) • Where Does U.S. Foreign Aid Go? (Economix) • High-End Repo Men (WSJ) We’ve discussed this topic before •…Read More

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Friday Linkage

Some links for today: • Rival Merrill warned regulators over Lehman (FT) • Federal Reserve Must Disclose Bank Bailout Records (Bloomberg) • Rosier Views + Easier Comps = Profit Growth (WSJ) • Martin Wolf: China and Germany unite to impose global deflation (FT) • S&P 500 in ‘Air Pocket,’ Could Reach 1,225: Technical Analysis (Bloomberg)…Read More

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Tuesday Linkage

These are the items that I found worth reading today: • Regulation two-fer: – – –Wall Street Loses as Small Banks Win (WSJ) – - -Reform Bill Adds Layers of Oversight (NYT) • 4 bln yanked from U.S. stock funds in February (Reuters) • Lehman Two-fer: – – -At Lehman, Watchdogs Saw It All (NYT)…Read More

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Monday Linkage

Some reading material you may find interesting: • Apple, Wal-mart, and the “Market Capitalization Bigger Than” Thing (Infectious Greed) • L.A. becomes a test case in battle to undo interest rate swap deals (LATimes) • Special Interest (New Yorker) The private-equity fund manager’s tax dodge • Our money laureate. (The Big Money) • No one…Read More

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Saturday Reads

Today’s most fascinating (non-Lehman) reads are: • Economists Credit Fed For Alleviating Crisis (WSJ) The $787 billion stimulus package was a good for the U.S. economy, but the Federal Reserve played the biggest role in rescuing the economy from the financial crisis; • US takeover defenses come tumbling down (FT) Only 28% of S&P1,500 companies…Read More

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