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Interesting form of combined media/blog outlet: Blogrunner.

Essentially, it lists top stories by topic (Politics, Business, Media, Technology, Economy, Law, Science, Health, Movies, Books, Religion, Entertainment, etc.)

Blogrunner then excerpts and links blog posts that comment on those stories.

Kinda like Google News, only annotated via blogs .  . .

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Late August Linkfest: Week-in-Preview

Category: Financial Press

Late August Linkfest: Week-in-Review

Category: Financial Press

Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/23/07)

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Sunday Linkfest: Week in Preview

Category: Financial Press

The NYT, Magazine Cover Indicator, and Mean Reversion

Category: Data Analysis, Financial Press, Mathematics, Psychology

Mid-August Linkfest

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Boo-yah! Barron’s is Shorting Cramer

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Larry’s Favorite Blog . . .

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Attention Robert Novak: The Fed isn’t at Neutral

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