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Late Night Reading

A few tidbits for your evening amusement:

Confessions of a risk manager (The Economist)
An insider explains why it is so hard to stop traders behaving recklessly

Financial Cowboys Need to Be Lassoed, Corralled (Bloomberg)

Repel the calls to contain competitive markets by Alan Greenspan (FT)

Uncle Sam’s Wonderful Fantasy (Barron’s)

Discounters Make July Gains (WSJ)

Economists: Most Stimulus Went Into Savings (Real Time Economics)

How to build a US recovery by Lawrence Summers (FT)

The Difference between a bull market and a rally in a bear market (Barron’s)

8 who saw the crisis coming……and 8 who didn’t (Fortune)
year after the credit crunch began, Fortune looks back at who saw
trouble ahead, and who just ended up in trouble. (Warning — click
whoring at its finest)

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Media Gets Pending Home Sales Wrong (Again!)

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Quote of the Day: John Paulson on Financials

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Bear Trap, part II

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Gone Fishin!

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Analysts Overstate Earnings Once Again

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Quote of the Day: Rampant Capitalism ?

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Those Damn Short Sellers Are Just Killing It!

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All is Well . . . ALL IS WELL

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