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DJMT on the Big Picture & NAR

Its always interesting to see which media picks up what comments.  Yesterday’s critique of the NAR spin was grabbed by Dow Jones Market Watch :

MARKET TALK can be found using N/DJMT

11:56 (Dow Jones) Month after month, the National Association of Realtors puts as bright a spin on its home report no matter the numbers, and while it’s stopped predicting an outright bottom, it still comes close. This month, after reporting February pending sales were down 21.4% from a year ago, the industry group still predicted "essentially stable" sales, with an increase coming this summer. "You have to be a drug abuser to believe a 21.4% drop in the year-over-year index is a sign of stability," Barry Ritholtz writes at The Big Picture. (PJV)

My apologies for lumping in the Realtor’s group with drug abusers. In doing so, I meant no insult to the crackheads of the world…

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Embarrassing Typo of the Day

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Quote of the Day: Pundits

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Inflation Pinch

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Internet Hoax Gooses Stock Market

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The Secret Formula for Blogs

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Out of Pocket Most of Today

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Bloomberg vs CNBC Video: Bleccch

Yesterday, I noted how pokey and bug laden the videos are on, saying "I sure wish CNBC would get hip to embeddable flash media, like
BrightCove. The klunky old windows media players crash all the time. (I
don’t understand why they went with this 10 year old technology)."

Turns out there is an even worse Video feed from a major news organization than Its

At least CNBC — crash-prone, buggy, ugly and slow — will play on a Mac.

The Bloomberg video — also  crash-prone, buggy, ugly and slow — is Windows only! I can play the video, but not the audio, on a Safari or Firefox browser for OSX.

And speaking of bugs, Bloomberg is the one of that odd collection of web based video that can’t/won’t be captured by a screen grab on a Windows machine. That means that any Bloomberg video you see here (like this one) is the result of watching and coding it on a Dell in the office, than grabbing the (silent audio) video part on the Mac at home, and combining the two.

Don’t you want people promoting your brand and your content?

Its not like Bloomie doesn’t know what embeddable flash is — if you go to this page, their promotional video is not WMP — its flash based! No loading delay, no glitches, just straight up video.



Hey &

You folks are paying for the shooting, editing, storing, hosting and bandwidth usage of all this video. I assume you actually want people to see it — to sell subscriptions, to roll adverts, to brand your product.  You are spending all of this money for a product that sends people  running in the opposite direction. 

Every time I post a video from either of your sites, I get email telling me it crashed their browser, or even worse their computer. It is slow, ugly and to be blunt, unprofessional.  Your online video product is in fact damaging your brands. (CNN/Money’s video auto roll is another bit of annoyance, but we’ll save that for another day).

Of all the major  Financial media that run video, only WSJ and NYT seem to have gotten it right.

Um, its 2008. Can we get with program?  The embeddable flash video is circa 2006. Can you find it
in your business models to only be 2 years — not 10 — behind the
technological adoption curve?



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Who Is Surprised by Economic Data? (part II)

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