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Retest !

Dow is under 8,700 — is this the expected retest of the prior lows?

The news is certainly as grim as ever:

Wachovia writes down $23.9. billion
Grim Earnings Weigh on Stocks
First Birthday for the Recession?
Kerkorian’s Ford Exit Sparks Fear of Failures at Big Three
California Home Sales Revive With Intense Pain   
CDO Cuts Show $1 Trillion Corporate-Debt Bets Toxic

Mervyn King warns of Britain’s ‘long march’ out of recession

I noticed that last night, there were many cogent arguments against the bull trade right here.

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Podcast: Slowly Coming Out of Hibernation

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Why is Barron’s Banned From CNBC?

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Is Wells Fargo “Sugarcoating” Balance Sheet?

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The Economy is Just Fine . . .

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Economist Debate on Regulation: Scholes vs Stiglitz


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Bernanake: We’re Laying the Groundwork for Recovery

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Barron’s Magazine Cover . . .

Fascinating juxtaposition between the cover of this week’s Barron’s and the market action today: A bull, crying over the market, with the tissue box chart pointing downwards. (There were bullish articles inside, like this: America For Sale: Price Reduced) That hit my inbox Saturday morning. Today, the Dow had its biggest single point gain ever:…Read More

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Global Bailout Linkfest

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Time Cover: Soup Lines

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