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Gasparino: The Sellout

That’s the name of Charlie Gasparino’s new book, The Sellout.

And its also what his colleagues over at CNBC might be thinking — as several readers noted over the weekend, Charlie jumped ship and has signed a multi-year deal with Fox Business Network.

Back in his early days as a reporter for the WSJ, Gasparino was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in beat reporting in 2002, and won the New York Press Club award for best continuing coverage of the Wall Street research scandal.

During the run up to the credit crisis, he had terrific access to the leading figures of Wall Street. But that closeness sometimes led him to defend CEOs against accusations of malfeasance or foolishness. Most famously, Gasparino steadfastly defended then Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld against the likes of David Einhorn and others.

He has since moved into a hybrid of opinion and reportage.

I have an odd relationship with Charlie — I like him personally, but think he can be a putz sometimes (See this as an example)

In many ways, the move to Fox Business is a good fit politically. Charlie has had some run ins with his fellow anchors on CNBC, and the combative feisty anchor might find the atmosphere at Fox more to his political likings.

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Alacra Pulse

> Interesting website that compiles analyst commentary and media coverage on stocks: Street Pulse, finds comments by sell-side, industry and credit research analysts and melds those with comments from respected bloggers in an effort to answer the question “what do key opinion leaders have to say…” about a given company. Deal Pulse* compiles the latest…Read More

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Viral or AstroTurf ?

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to easily distinguish between genuine viral phenomena and astroturfing. I had my suspicions several years ago, but it reached a head with the “Peter Schiff Was Right” video. Even before he announced he was running for Senator in Connecticut, I strongly suspected the heavily edited…Read More

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Thursday Reads

Here’s what caught my eye today: • Economists Say Many Lost Jobs Won’t Return (WSJ) • Wall St.’s Biggest Bonuses Go to Not-So-Big Names (NYT) • What Henry Paulson’s new memoir misses about his own responsibility for the global meltdown (Slate) • They Never Learn, Part XXI: Spec Houses Rise as Builders Bet On Buyers…Read More

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Reads for a Snowy Afternoon

A few worthwhile items as the snow continues to fall: • Snow Job in Washington? (Barrons) • Geithner Gets Some Credit—But Still No Cheers (WSJ) • You’re Rich. Get Over It. (Slate) • Tea party genius: Sen. Larry Kudlow (Salon) • Why European debt matters to the United States (MarketWatch) • Bernanke Says Federal Reserve…Read More

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Tuesday Reads

A few interesting items that caught my eye today: • BIS Says Banks Need More Capital to Withstand Shocks (Bloomberg) • You’re Hired. At Least for Now. (Kiplingers) More Employers Will Rely on Temps and Contract Workers. • S.E.C. Enforcers Focus on Avoiding Madoff Repeat (NYT) • Is Proprietary Trading Too Wild for Wall Street?…Read More

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Monday Reads

Some reads to start the week: • Alan Greenspan fights back (Fortune)  Four years after leaving the Fed as the Greatest Central Banker Ever, the longest-serving chairman, the Maestro, Alan Greenspan is the designated goat. • Dorfman: Buy Stock Now to Ride Second Stage of Bull Market (Bloomberg) • The perils of economic populism (The…Read More

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Bookonomics (or, why writers barely make min. wage)

One of the questions I get all the time is about the economics of the book: How much did it sell, what was your advance, what did it cost to produce. I was thinking about this as I prepare for April 15th, so I did a quick run down of costs. Here is the skinny:…Read More

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Thursday’s Reads

Today’s readings look pretty interesting: – Volcker Rule unabridged (Marketwatch) How the former Fed chairman can sharpen his proposal – Never short a country with $2 trillion in reserves – 41% Fine With Budget Deficit If Taxes Are Cut (Rasmussen Reports) – Five myths about America’s credit card debt (Washington Post) – Fed’s Warsh: Regulatory…Read More

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Wednesday Reads

Today’s eclectic and interesting reading list: – Remarks by Chairman Bernanke at his swearing-in ceremony – Easy = True: How ‘cognitive fluency’ shapes what we believe, how we invest, and who will become a supermodel (Boston Globe) – R.I.P. CPFF, PDCF, TSLF, AMLF, et al (Real Time Economics) – Housing Red Flags Ignored (Fox Business)…Read More

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