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Roger Lowenstein on Charlie Rose

Fascinating discussion with one of my favorite business writers: Roger Lowenstein on Charlie Rose, circa 1995 discussing Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist.

I quote Lowenstein’s When Genius Failed extensively in Bailout Nation. I’d love to get a copy to him, but I cannot find his email address anywhere (except Portfolio, which is now deceased).

If anyone knows how to reach him, please let me know . . .

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NYT Magazine Round Up

> There is a full run of finance related articles coming up in the Sunday Times Magazine: Diminished Returns: Its hit or miss whether I agree with Niall Ferguson’s conclusions, but he is always interesting. The China Puzzle: David Leonhardt looks at the beginning of our problems with China. Very interesting read. Brother, Can You…Read More

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My One Year Kudlow Anniversary!

Congratulate me! Its been exactly one year today since I last appeared on Kudlow & Company (now called, The Kudlow Report). No 12 step program was required. To tell you the truth, I always enjoyed doing the show. Larry is a very bright, engaging fellow. Just because we disagreed about everything did not mean the…Read More

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Morning Reading

Some days, there’s not much to read in the papers Today is not one of those days: Bailouts/Financial Crisis • Bankers Told by Paulson to Accept U.S. Aid or Be ‘Vulnerable’ (Bloomberg) • U.S. Moves to Regulate Derivatives Trade (WSJ) Also, U.S. Regulators Seek Trace-like Reporting for OTC Derivatives (Bloomberg) • S&P: U.S. banking crisis…Read More

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Embracing Risk, or Expensive Stocks?

Two articles in today’s WSJ seem to be battling each other: By Most Measures, Stocks No Longer Look Cheap: While the rebound was a relief for battered stock investors, it complicated matters for those still trying to decide whether to get in or add new holdings. Higher prices have made stocks less of a screaming…Read More

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Dylan Ratigan to MSNBC

Its official:  Dylan Ratigan, formerly of Bloomberg and CNBC fame — as well as the Big Picture Conference –  is going to MSNBC.  Ratigan will launch a new program weekdays from 9am to 11 a.m., starting June 29. Variety reported that: Ratigan will host his own untitled show at 9 a.m. (ET) weekdays beginning June…Read More

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Tuesday Night Open Thread

Quite a few of you have asked for a forum that is not limited to whatever is floating my boat at the moment — so on the occasional weeknight, we will be running these open threads so you can range explore whatever subjects you wish (just keep it clean). I’ve given the editors the night…Read More

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Cinco De Mayo Afternoon Reading

Here’s what caught my eye today: • Chairman Bernanke JEC: The economic outlook (Federal Reserve) • The bear is dead, long live the bear (Marketwatch) • Dick Bove: The Bureaucrat & The Academic (Rochdale Securities) • Inflation Nation (Allan Meltzer, NYT Op/Ed) • The Goldman Conspiracy (Marketwatch) • Chrysler’s bondholders are whining about Obama’s deal….Read More

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Afternoon Reading

Here’s what caught my eye today: • New York Fed Chairman’s Ties to Goldman Raise Questions (WSJ) • How banks got TBTF: Monsters, Inc. (The New Yorker) •  U.S. Stocks Gain as S&P 500 Almost Erases Year-to-Date Decline (Bloomberg) • What Banks Are Still Missing: Trust (Time) •  Sharpest U.S. Recession Since 1938: -1.9 Percent…Read More

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On Lehman’s Real Estate and Obamanomics

There are two excellent, long pieces in the Sunday Times: • How Lehman Brothers Got Its Real Estate Fix:  Many factors, of course, contributed to Lehman’s demise last fall. Near the end, it carried $25 billion in toxic residential mortgages. It was wildly overleveraged. And the federal government made the fateful decision not to rescue…Read More

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