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9/11 Overdose

I’ve been assembling this weekend’s linkfest — and I started to feel a little quesy. I couldn’t figure out what it was, and then it dawned on me: 9/11 overdose.

We are in for a total excess of "celebrations" — is that the right word? — of the 5th anniversary of 9/11.

That would be Wood, for you married couples. Instead of wood, we get tasteless Mini-series, crass comedic novels, fictionlized dramatizations, front page columns, magazine stories galore: The U.S. media, following the ugly lead of politicians, is about to engage in a full on festival of September 11th commericalization.

Its already cloying;  9/11 is now at risk for becoming another holiday, like Halloween or Columbus day. Macy*s
will have a white sale, halftime at football games will do a video
montage (aftr the 9/11tailgate party in the parking lot), speeches will be given, barbecues consumed. Take what has been already been done to Christmas: Sterilize, mass produce, fictionalize, and repackage it into one giant opportunistic shopping orgy.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I don’t want to see any of these things — don’t want to buy the book, see the mini-series, read the column. Shit, I don’t even want write about it. I already told my own personal recollection from a day of horror. That’s more than enough.

What asshole thought up making a commerative 9/11 coin? — and would they please choke on their own vomit in their sleep? (Thanks). A fictionlized version of events? Fictionlized? Are you shitting me? Can’t we have a more dignified way to honor our dead?

The greatest tragedy of the post-9/11 period has been the failure of our nation’s leaders to bring the country nation together. There was an enormous opportunity to take advantage of the crisis to unify the population and work together. That moment was lost. When the history of this period gets written 50 years from now, and blame gets apportioned for that,  it will be none too flattering the collection of buffooons and incompetents (of both parties).

And people ask me why I am so cycnical . . .

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