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The Capital Commerce Debate


Over at US News & World Report, the debate on the state of the Economy with Don Luskin continues. It is running all this week, with fresh posts and rebuttals each evening.

Round 3: Bears Can’t Explain Why Housing Hasn’t Tanked the Economy vs The Numbers Are Clear, and the Economy Has Slowed

Round 2: Don’t Worry–Be Happy vs Worry a Lot–Housing Will Hurt the Economy>

Round 1: The Bullish versus Bearish Economic View


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Its Official: The NYT Has Gone Blog Crazy!

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Panzner & Luskin on Kudlow

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What is the Fed Really Thinking?

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Brouhaha over the Booyah: Timing Reveals All

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Quote of the day: Realtors Get Real

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NFP Day (plus, ADP update)

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Doug Kass’ top 10

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New Column: Top 10 Myths of Tuesday’s Correction

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