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WSJ Wins Pulitzer for Option Backdating Investigation


Congrats to the WSJ for picking up a Pulitzer Prize for "public service" — though it could have just as easily been for investigative reporting — on the options backdating scandal (and to reporters Mark Maremont, Charles Forelle and James Bandler).

The Journal moved all of the related stories out from behind the firewall, available to all. These definitely make for intriguing reading.

Anyone who wants to overturn Sarbox should be required tor ead all of
these (I am in favor of reducing the burden on very small companies,
but not overturning it all).


• A continuously updated list of companies that have come under scrutiny for past stock-option grants and practices, including those that have disclosed government probes, misdated options, restatements and/or executive departures. By company | By executive

• A look at how stock options grants sometimes coincided with dips in prices at UnitedHealth, Apple and a selection of other companies.

• Video discussion by reporters Mark Maremont, Charles Forelle and James Bandler on their yearlong investigation of stock-options abuses:



The Perfect Payday: CEOs Reap Millions by Landing Stock Options When They Are Most Valuable March 18
How the Journal Analyzed Stock-Options Grants March 18
Five More Companies Show Questionable Options Pattern May 22
At HealthSouth, an Options Issue May 31
Monster Worldwide Gave Officials Options Ahead of Share Run-Ups June 12
During 1990s, Microsoft Practiced Variation of Options Backdating June 16
Executive Pay: The 9/11 Factor July 15
Setting the Date: How One Tech Company Played With Timing of Stock Options July 20
Stock-Options Criminal Charge: Slush Fund and Fake Employees Aug. 10
In Internal Probes of Stock Options, Conflicts Abound Aug. 11
As Companies Probe Backdating, More Top Officials Take a Fall Oct. 12
McGuire Faces Pressure to Leave at UnitedHealth Oct. 14
Embattled CEO To Step Down At UnitedHealth Oct. 16
Stock-Options Scandal Fugitive Puts Roots Down in Namibia Nov. 17
How a Giant Insurer Decided to Oust Hugely Successful CEO Dec. 7
How Backdating Helped Executives Cut Their Taxes Dec. 12
Bosses’ Pay: How Stock Options Became Part of the Problem Dec. 27
Living Large and Bouncing Back Dec. 30


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