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Podcast: Slowly Coming Out of Hibernation


We discuss Cramer’s Monday
sell-everything call along with market sentiment and the reasons it may
be a good time to start thinking about the long side. Barry has held a
bearish sentiment for some time and it looks as though he may be slowly
coming out of his hibernation.

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Why is Barron’s Banned From CNBC?

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Is Wells Fargo “Sugarcoating” Balance Sheet?

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The Economy is Just Fine . . .

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Economist Debate on Regulation: Scholes vs Stiglitz


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Bernanake: We’re Laying the Groundwork for Recovery

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Barron’s Magazine Cover . . .

Fascinating juxtaposition between the cover of this week’s Barron’s and the market action today: A bull, crying over the market, with the tissue box chart pointing downwards. (There were bullish articles inside, like this: America For Sale: Price Reduced) That hit my inbox Saturday morning. Today, the Dow had its biggest single point gain ever:…Read More

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Global Bailout Linkfest

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Time Cover: Soup Lines

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Fears of Recession?

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