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Fast Money to 5:00 pm; Kudlow & Co. to 7:00pm

In case you missed this announcement last night, The Big Picture broke the news about some CNBC programming changes.

Starting October 10th, Kudlow & Company moves to 7:00pm. That will allow the first half of the show to be economic/stock focused, and put the political/policy half of the show closer to Prime Time.

At the same Time, Fast Money moves to 5:00 pm: Its a more trading oriented show, and their audience is still sitting at the desks and turrets wrapping up the day.

With this shift, they are doing something that I have long been
advocating for: Moving some shows around so as to better match up the
content with the most suitable time slot and appropriate audiences.

Given the coming competition from Fox, this makes sense to me. Fast money has become the premiere CNBC show, with ratings that are still rising. Mad Money, though still getting respectable numbers, has slid considerably. And the move to 7:00pm frees up Kudlow & Co. to become a more pundit/policy wonk type of show.

expect to see more tinkering with the CNBC line up in the coming weeks . . .

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