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Who Are the Most Influential Liberal Thinkers?

A friend who edits a well know conservative business magazine is anticipating the new Obama administration. He wants to know what liberal thinkers will be influential in the coming years.

He writes:

Barry: We’re putting together a list of the 50 most influential liberal thinkers/intellectuals in America (academics, thinktankers, columnists, even politicians…) for a Opinion section slide show. I’d love to have your thoughts on some names that should be there. . . Obviously not all 50, but as many as you can muster without cursing me out!

The first few off of the top of my head are Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, George Soros, Al Gore, Barney Frank, Lawrence Lessig (Stanford), Dean Baker (Center for Economic and Policy Research).

Media: Keith Olbermann (MSNBC), Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central), Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo), Mark Morford (SF Gate), Bob Herbert (NYT), Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury), Joe Conason (Salon),

Bloggers: Arianna Huffington, Kevin Drum (Mother Jones), Markos Moulitsas Zúniga (Daily KOS), Matthew Yglesias,

Authors: Greg Palast (author), Jake Tapper, Nat Hentoff (VIllage Voice).

And lastly, I have to add John Maynard Keynes, who remains to this day one of the most influential liberal thinkers in terms of economics.

(How could I have forgotten Bono! — Oh wait, he’s not American!)

Who else would you consider an influential liberal thinker?

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UPDATED: Worst Predictions for 2008

Special Schadenfreude edition: In case you missed it, here is our updated collections of the worst predictions for how 2008 would turn out: • The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008 (Foreign Policy) • The Worst Predictions About 2008 (Businessweek) • 2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS (New York Magazine) • Famous Last Words (CNBC) • The…Read More

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2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS

Via New York Magazine, comes this amusing collection of bad forecasts for the 2008 year: • Jon Birger, senior writer, Fortune Investors Guide 2008 Smart investors should buy [Merrill Lynch] stock before everyone else comes to their senses.” Merrill’s shares plummeted 77 percent. • Elaine Garzarelli, president of Garzarelli Capital, Business Week’s Investment Outlook 2008…Read More

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Internet Passes Newspapers as Info Source

I guess this makes it official: The net is now a bigger source of news than newspapers, according to Pew Research Center for the People & the Press: The internet, which emerged this year as a leading source for campaign news, has now surpassed all other media except television as a main source for national…Read More

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Top 10 Quotes of 2008

The Top 10 quotes of 2008, as compiled by the editor of the Yale Book of Quotations: > 1. “I can see Russia from my house!” — Comedian Tina Fey, while impersonating Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on the TV comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” broadcast Sept. 13. 2. “All of them, any of them that…Read More

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World’s 25 Most Influential Companies

World’s 25 Most Influential Companies: 1. Wal-Mart 2. Toyota 3. Saudi Aramco 4. JPMorgan Chase 5. Unilever 6. China Mobile 7. Microsoft 8. News Corp. 9. 3M 10. Apple 11. Google 12. Huawei 13. Monsanto 14. YKK 15. Nielsen 16. Jarden 17. Intuit 18. Autodesk 19. HCL Technologies 20. Japan Steel Works 21. Sirius XM…Read More

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The Barron’s Forecasting Challenge

Think you know what will happen in financial markets in 2009, then take our 8th Annual Forecasting challenge. The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Barron’s, lunch with Associate Editor Andrew Bary or $100.


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Strange Bedfellows

Prospect‘s choices for top public intellectuals of 2008: Included are Nouriel Roubini and General David Petraeus. My pal Paul points out they make for fascinatingly strange bedfellows

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NYT: Blaming Bush for the Wrong Things

The Sunday New York Times has a front page article more or less blaming Bush for the housing and credit crisis. Its part of their “The Reckoning” series, and it is in some ways, off base. The long article (written by 3 people) comes close to some real truths, but it veers off, focusing on…Read More

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Madoff Red Flags Were There All Along

In 2001, reporter Erin Arvedlund wrote an article for the financial weekly Barrons that was skeptical of Bernard Madoff’s strategy and performance on Wall Street. She questioned how Madoff was able to offer good returns. She talks with Steve Inskeep about the impetus for her story and what she learned in the process.

Morning Edition, December 18, 2008

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