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The Economist endorses . . .

Gee, do you think Europe is looking for a change from the States?

Feel free to discuss what this might mean in comments. Please keep it civil, and use your frontal lobes, rather than the lizard portion of your brains.


The presidential election: It’s time
The Economist, Oct 30th 2008

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Blaming the Bears

Here’s the latest act of idiocy: Blaming the media or the Bears for the credit collapse and market crash. This not only demonstrates a total lack of understanding as to the difference between causation and correlation, but it evinces an utter disregard for the way the economy and markets operate. A classic example of this…Read More

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Map: Newspaper Endorsements in the 2008 US Presidential Election

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The Great Panic of 1873

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Race to Call the Bottom

No wonder Wired wrote:

That said, your blog will still draw the Net’s lowest form of life: The insult commenter. Pour your heart out in a post, and some anonymous troll named r0rschach or foohack is sure to scribble beneath it, “Lame. Why don’t you just suck McCain’s ass.” That’s why Calacanis has retreated to a private mailing list. He can talk to his fans directly, without having to suffer idiotic retorts from anonymous Jason-haters.

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Do It Yourself Linkfest

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Retest !

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Podcast: Slowly Coming Out of Hibernation

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Why is Barron’s Banned From CNBC?

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Is Wells Fargo “Sugarcoating” Balance Sheet?

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