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Afternoon Linkfest

Let’s revisit the old linkfest days:

U.S. Is Said to Prepare Filing for Chrysler Bankruptcy (New York Times) See also Who killed Chrysler? (Fortune)

•  Mr. Geithner Flexes Muscles: The Treasury Secretary Tells Investment Banks Government Is in Charge That was seen Tuesday in his disabusing the Street’s investment banks from the idea that they get to decide when they can pay the government back on funds received through the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. The final call on that, Mr. Geithner made it clear (Wall Street Journal)

Fed’s Bear Losses Dominated by Commercial Real Estate (Bloomberg)   The Federal Reserve released its most detailed breakdown to date on the types of assets it accepted from Bear Stearns a year ago and the cause of losses on the portfolio. The biggest losses in the $25.7 billion portfolio of Bear Stearns assets as of the end of last year came from commercial and residential mortgages, according to a report released by the Fed in Washington today.

U.S. mass layoffs rise to highest on record: Large-scale U.S. layoffs rose again in March, according to Labor Department data on Thursday, as the economy struggles with what many expect will be the country’s worst post-World War II recession. (Reuters)

The Goldman Conspiracy: 10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America’s democracy   (Marketwatch)

Thievery Under TARP: We are being robbed big-time, but you can’t say we haven’t been warned. Not after the release Tuesday of a scathing report by the Treasury Department’s special inspector general, who charged that the aptly named Troubled Asset Relief Fund bailout program is rife with mismanagement and potential for fraud.  (The Nation)

•  Gold: Inflows into ETFs up by more than 300% Figures from the World Gold Council show that investors appetite for gold showed no sign of abating with record inflows in to gold exchange traded funds. (The Telegraph)

• Bloomberg Housing 3-fer:

  1. -Rising Home Vacancies Give Bernanke Extra Time to Withdraw Cash
  2. -Mortgage Bondholders Form Battle Lines Over Obama Housing Plan
  3. -Hamptons Home Prices Plummet 23% as Summer Home Demand Cools

What’s a Global Recession? The International Monetary Fund was slow to apply the word “recession” to the current global downturn, partly because it didn’t have a good definition (and partly because it didn’t want to spook markets and IMF members). (Real Time Economics)

Stress Tests Flash a Lot More Red: Federal bank regulators are expected on Friday to start sharing preliminary results of stress tests with the banks that have been scrutinized since February. The findings are expected to be made public next week. (Wall Street Journal)

Banking credit catch-22 in action? (FT Alphaville)

60% Say Government Has Too Much Power, Too Much Money Just nine percent (9%) say the government has too little power and money. Twenty-four percent (24%) believe the government has about the right amount of both  (Rasmussen)

Top Ten Tech Cocktail-Party Questions: I can’t help noticing that the same questions tend to come up over and over again. Here they are, then: the Top Ten Pogue Cocktail-Party Questions (and Their Answers).  (David Pogue)

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The Power of “The Daily Show”

Yesterday, I had a lunch meeting about Bailout Nation with the folks at Borders HQ in Detroit was quite interesting. I was over-caffeinated, and essentially babbled away for 2 hours. I did manage to remember to ask a few questions, and learned quite a bit. It was an education for me in a real “Art…Read More

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Financial Pugilism and Offbeat Analysis

Proinsias O’Mahony: “Blogs have gone from being eccentric postings to become essential financial reading: SOME OF the savviest and most in-depth analysis of the global banking crisis has come from the financial blogosphere. Luminaries like Nouriel Roubini, Nobel economist Paul Krugman and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson are all active bloggers while equally valuable…Read More

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Money Magazine: Best Money-related Bloggers

From Money Magazine: They rank four “standout financial blogs” in terms of being the are the most informative (and entertaining) financial blogs on the Web. > Cowen DeLong Kedrosky Ritholtz > I can’t speak for the other bloggers, but I think my picture may be actionable . . . > Source: Best money-related bloggers MONEY…Read More

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Magic Bank Profits

“Although perfectly legal, this move is also perfectly delusional, because some day soon these assets will be written down to their fair value, and it won’t be pretty.” -Steven Roth, professor of management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, on Bank of America’s earnings fraud > We been discussing how many of…Read More

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Mad Money on the Simpsons?

Cramer references on the Simpsons?

Millhouse’s dad yells at Cramer ?!?  That has to be some sort of cultural jumping the shark sign of the Apocalypse.

Or maybe, its the peak of Cramer bashing . . .

Go to the 3:54 minute mark


Thanks, Pete.

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Financial Bloggers Gain Recognition Amid Turmoil

I have a few good quotes in this piece: “While bloggers sometimes get bad reputations for ranting and raving from the sidelines, it’s hard to question the credentials of some renowned bloggers, such as Princeton economist Paul Krugman, last year’s Nobel Prize winner, and the notoriously bearish New York University economist Nouriel Roubini. “Blogs have…Read More

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1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon

Cartoon from 1934 Chicago Tribune: The circle of history continues: (Why do these themes all sound so familiar?) > > Thanks, Dunk!

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Why Newspapers are Dying (not what you think)

Dan Gross has an excellent discussion of why so many newspapers are going belly up. No, its not the internet — though “every time a newspaper company closes or files for bankruptcy, someone is quick to hammer another nail in the coffin of the printed word.” The actual reason is really boneheaded moves by really…Read More

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Fast Money, Faster Photoshop

The wonders of PhotoShop: > Original group shot: via CNBC (Source: Current Fast Money: via CNBC Source:

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