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Read It Here First: “De-Financializing” the WSJ

Last week, we noted that the new WSJ under Rupert Murdoch was being "De-Financialized;" that the coverage was becoming less business and money oriented, and more of a general
interest paper — kinda like what the Washington Post and the New York
Times already do.

A rather similar sentiment was expressed in David Carr’s column today:

"There is certainly no evidence that Mr. Murdoch has turned the
newspaper into a tool of his business or political interests —
something that had been widely feared and predicted. But there are
clear signs that a sui generis business paper is fast becoming a very
common general-interest paper, albeit one with a really dynamite
business section

Further changes were unveiled last week, but
they seemed to reflect a broader range of stated interests without any
additional staff or expertise. The Project for Excellence in Journalism
completed a content survey last week and found that the newspaper’s
front-page coverage of politics had tripled and that front-page
coverage of business had been cut in half."

Interesting stuff . . .


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