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Sizing Up a Potential Media Marriage

Source: Bloomberg Visual Data

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10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads : • A quick lesson on market tops (TRB) • Alpha addict: the amazing career of Leon Cooperman (CNBC) • The Timelessness of Greed, Fear, and Bad Decisions (Motley Fool) see also Data Rich, Information Poor: Improving Your Cognitive Environment (TraderFeed) • 7 market myths that make investors poorer (MarketWatch) •…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

My morning train reads (Continues here): • Small Stocks Hurting; Bad Omen for the Market? (Barron’s) but see Don’t short this dull market (MarketWatch) • Gold Dreamers Face Harsh Reality (Bloomberg View) • Absolute(ly No) Return Bond Funds (Chief Investment Officer) • The Recession’s Lost Generation of Homeowners Isn’t Millennials – It’s the Middle-Aged (Trulia)…Read More

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10 Wednesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads : • Booming Until It Hurts? (Project-Syndicate) • MBAs are totally misguided about how much they’re worth (Quartz) • Who gains from those drug discount deals? (Spoiler: Drug companies) (LA Times) • Can’t get a job from an algorithm, or so it seems as hot resumes go nowhere fast (Bloomberg) • The…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

My morning train reads (Continues here): • For proof Wall Street is changing, look at Citigroup’s numbers (The Upshot) • When Bubbles Become Manias: The Psychology of Runaway Markets (TraderFeed) • Charlie Munger on Investment Concentration versus Diversification (25iq) • Since 2010, full-time jobs are up 7.6 million while part-time jobs have declined by more…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My morning train reads (Continues here): • Mohamed El-Erian: Investors beware: economists at large (FT) • Top 10 Countries Hoarding Cash (Wall St. Cheat Sheet) • Study: A hedge fund manager’s performance-based incentive fees are indicative of his or her appetite for risk and leverage rather than skill. (CIO) see also Do Incentive Fees Signal…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • On the hunt for higher yields, investors in Asia snap up perpetual bonds (WSJ) see also Growth in Japan? (Fidelity) • Empty floors fray traders’ nerves (WSJ) • Financial Advisers: Show Us Your Numbers (MoneyBeat) • Bad thinking: Nothing Can Make Me Bullish on Stocks Now: Manduca (Bloomberg TV) • Secret…Read More

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Liesman to Santelli: “You Are a Money Loser!”

As a reminder, this is why you should leave your TV off all day . . .   Be sure to watch until the very end . . .   Is Yellen risking inflation? Source: CNBC, Mon, 14 Jul ’14 | 12:01 PM ET

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10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome back to the Monkey House! (with all due respect to Kurt Vonnegut). This morning, we have some expertly curated reads to start off your week ( Continues here): • A Long-Term Investor’s Guide to Beating the Odds (City Wire Global) • Where did money go in Q2? (Irrelevant Investor) • Are you more financially literate…Read More

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10 Sunday AM Reads

Good Sunday morning! Here are some reads to round out your weekend : • Does Your Broker Love You More Than Himself? (Bloomberg View) • What You Need to Know Before Reading Financial News (Motley Fool) • Why the Chinese Are Snapping Up Real Estate in the U.S. (FiveThirtyEight) see also The Re-Explosion of U.S. House Prices Is…Read More

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