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10 AM Monday Reads

Welcome back to the workweek. My morning  train reads (continues here):

• Why interest rates may stay very low for a lot longer (LA Times) but see Investors are seriously underestimating where interest rates ought to be in two years’ time (MoneyBeat)
• Gold might be up this year, but it’s worth only $800 (MarketWatch)
• What Investors Are Worried About Today (Morningstar) see also It’s time for U.S. firms to earn stock investors’ faith (WSJ)
• What rock and roll taught the world about money (MarketWatch)

continues here

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10 Sunday Reads

My early morning pre-beach reads: • Payroll surge fuels self-sustaining U.S. expansion (Bloomberg) see also The payrolls report is right, and GDP isn’t (MarketWatch) • Estimating the impact of monetary policy normalisation on assets (Macrofugue) • “Profitless” Amazon Myth Lives On Thanks To Lazy Financial Media (Peridot Capital) • Why is it so difficult to teach people…Read More

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Tweets of the Week 7.5.14

Markets/Investing: 25 Worst Quarterly U.S. GDP prints and future & stock market results @ReformedBroker @JLyonsFundMgmt what happens next is that the S&P500 is up 79% of the time in the year after — marginal idea (@marginalidea) June 29, 2014 Coincidence? Valuation vs. sentiment. — Meb Faber (@MebFaber) June 30, 2014 I found…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

My longer form holiday weekend reading: • Citizen Bezos (NY Review of Books) • Stash Pad: NY real-estate now the premier destination for wealthy foreigners with money to hide. (NY Mag) • Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Controversial Emotion Experiment (Wired) • The incapable soothsayers (Statistical Ideas) • The Power of Two (The Atlantic)…Read More

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10 July Fourth Reads

Rust never sleeps, and neither do I. Here are your July Fourth holiday reads: • Why are the super-rich so angry? (New Yorker) see also Paulson’s Puerto Rico Paradise Woos Rich Fleeing Taxes (Bloomberg) • Uh Oh: No doubt aboot it: Canada is better than America in at least seven ways (Vox) • Segway Inventor Dean…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

My pre-holiday morning reads (Continues here): • The Bull Market Is Aging, but Hasn’t Lost a Step (Barron’s) • Austrian Economists, 9/11 Truthers and Brain Worms (Bloomberg View) see also The Trouble With Shadowstats (Azizonomics) • My Idea for a TV Show About Investing (A Wealth of Common Sense) • FAIL: The IPO is dying….Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

My morning  train reads (Continues here): • The S&P 500 and DJIA closed at new records. (WSJ) see also Market’s correction-free run tops 1,000 days (America’s Markets) • What’s a hedge fund manager to do? (Reformed Broker) • How to bet on the price of water (Fortune) • How Memphis Firm Decoded Bond Secrets Mystifying Wall Street…Read More

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads : • You may want to ignore the ‘next big thing’ in mutual funds (MarketWatch) • Brokers unable to escape their past (Investment News) • Housing Sales Hurt as Fewer Immigrants Chase Owner Dream (Bloomberg) • High Tech’s Secret Weapon: The Whiteboard (WSJ) • It looks like Obamacare is working (Quartz) see also…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Welcome to July. Some morning reads to start off your second half of 2014 (Continues here): • Active management is alive and kicking (FT) • Everything Wrong With Investor Behavior in One Article (Reformed Broker) • What kind of investor are you? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Many bond-fund managers are worrying that their 2014…Read More

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10 Monday PM Reads

My afternoon train reading: • Surprise is the only constant in the markets this year. (WSJ) • ETF Model Portfolios Change Advisory Biz ( • Where in the world is the Kuwait Investment Authority? (AI-CIO) • Death of the Time Stamp: Medium, Slingshot & the Movement Away from RIGHT NOW (Hunter Walk) • Active management is alive…Read More

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