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10 Weekend Reads

Pour a cup of java, and settle in for my longer form weekend reading.

• Excerpt: ‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,’ by Michael Lewis (NY Times)
• On Kahneman (Edge) see also Why Those Guys Won the Economics Nobels (Harvard Business Review)
• No, America is not broke (The Great Debate)
• The Woman Behind Apple’s First Icons (Priceonomics)
• Driven: How Zipcar’s founders built and lost a car-sharing empire (The Verge)
• So You Think You’re Smarter Than A CIA Agent (NPR) see also US secretly created ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest (Big Story)
• Raiderette sues team for fair pay (ESPN)
• Facing Rising Seas, Bangladesh Confronts the Consequences of Climate Change (NY Times) see also Famine and Water Riots Are Coming, Warns New Intergovernmental Report (io9)
• Millennials and Sex: A New Take on Dating, Marriage and Monogamy (Rolling Stone)
• How HBO’s new comedy ‘Silicon Valley’ presents a new geek archetype (WSJ)

Whats up for the weekend?


The market suddenly hates tech stocks and no one knows why


Source: Quartz

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10 Friday AM Reads

Happy Friday: • Schwab: High-Frequency Trading is a Cancer (Charles Schwab) see also BATS Admits CEO Lied About HFT on CNBC (Zero Hedge) • Earnings Needed (FT Alphaville) • How the Supreme Court Could Stop the 401(k) Rip-Off (Yahoo) • Idle Cash Piles Up: U.S. nonfinancial companies hold at least three times more cash than…Read More

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10 Thursday PM Reads

Some afternoon reading for you: • Equities For the Long Run? Or Property? Or Neither? (MoneyBeat) • What makes a stock picker’s market? (Vanguard Advisors Blog) • The Best and Worst Thing About Investing (Reformed Broker) • Architect of credit default swaps to leave JPMorgan (WonkBlog) • Tech industry has opened a Pandora’s box of patent strife (FT) • 10…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Good Thursday morning: • S&P 500 notched another record close as Dow fell just short of an all-time high. (WSJ) but see Now There’s a 1987 Chart to Get Worried About (The Tell) • Construction Is Muted Because Too Many Buildings Went Up During the Boom (Real Time Economics) • Word to the Wise: Finding…Read More

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10 MidWeek PM Reads

My afternoon train reading: • A Pivotal Financial Crisis Case, Ending With a Whimper (DealBook) • What Michael Lewis Gets Wrong About High-Frequency Trading (Businessweek) and also 60 Minutes Sanitizes Its Report on High Frequency Trading (Wall Street On Parade) • Gross Worst as Volatility Spikes in Fund: Riskless Return (Bloomberg) • Silicon Valley Thinks You’re a Fool (Daily Beast)…Read More

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10 Midweek AM Reads

I almost believe winter is over. Enjoy these midweek reads: • Housel: Why Markets Will Always Crash (Motley Fool) • Equities For the Long Run? Or Property? Or Neither? (MoneyBeat) • For Borrowers, Bonds Are Beautiful (WSJ) • The ‘Crude Wall’ Cometh (FT Alphaville) Continues here

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10 Tuesday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • SEC Market Structure Revelations (Nanex) • 2014 is a “buy anything but America” kind of year.  (TRB) • Raiders-Turned-Activists Prove Boon for Stocks Beating S&P 500 (Bloomberg) see also For new breed of ‘activist’ investors, tipping others is part of the playbook. (WSJ) • The city’s suicide epidemic is a myth (NY Post)…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

The plague has broken and I can breathe again. Here is what I’m reading this morning: • U.S. Equity Investors Ignore Warning Signs (FT) • Why Choose Stocks When Saving for Retirement? (Fidelity) but see Passive vs. Active Investing: Darts, Monkeys and Pros (Investing Caffeine) • Gold loses luster as broader market fears fade (WSJ)…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Monday, we meet again. My bubonic plague is improving somewhat, enough that I can bring you these reads: • How to Invest $25 Million (Penta) see also Should financial advice really cost $9 million? Some well-off investors are beginning to wonder (WSJ) • The Modern View of the Stock Market (Morningstar) • U.S. swimming in…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

Some reads to kick off your Sunday morn: • Shut up already! It’s not 1929 (Marketwatch) •  The Lone Ranger of the 401(k)’s (NYT) • Hedge Funds Unlikely Saviors for New York-Area Homeowners (Bloomberg) • As Cash Use Drops, Do Crime Rates Follow? (BusinessWeek) • It turns out Cuba actually needs the rest of the world (Quartz)…Read More

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