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10 Thursday AM Reads

For those of you complaining about the lack of volatility, I hope you are happy now! Our vine-ripened morning train reads:

• Fund Managers Who Spit Out Their Own Cooking (Morningstarsee also As Activism Rises, U.S. Firms Spend More on Buybacks Than Factories (WSJ)
• Paulson & Rubin: Why the U.S. Needs to Listen to China, and vice-versa. The importance of the mutual economic criticisms between two major world powers. (The Atlantic)
• The Tanker Market Is Sending a Big Warning to Oil Bulls (Bloombergsee also Iraq About to Flood Oil Market in New Front of OPEC Price War (Bloomberg)
• How FIFA’s Structure Lends Itself To Corruption (fivethirtyeight)
• GMO Scientists Could Save the World From Hunger, If We Let Them (Newsweeksee also You won’t believe the $%#! you’ve been eating (CNN Money)

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Hand curated, dry aged, lovingly selected: Our mid-week morning train reads: • Robo Advisors Take On Wall Street: Technology is transforming the insular world of financial advice. That’s good news for investors. (Barron’s) • Can your investment portfolio survive rising interest rates? (Fortune) see also How Should Investors Prepare for Rising Rates? (Irrelevant Investor) • Predictions and Prognostications: “It is exceedingly…Read More

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Feedback on Fox News

My little paper on Fox News has gotten an extraordinary amount of attention, downloaded 25,000 times already. I added a follow-up on how unskewed polls may have cost the Republicans the 2012 election by creating self-delusion about how well Romney was doing. Perhaps this is why 58 percent of Republicans thought the 2012 election was…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My Two-for-Tuesday post holiday weekend morning train reads: • For S&P 500, Expensive Is the New Cheap (Bloomberg) but see Don’t Count on Happy Returns for U.S. Stocks (MoneyBeat) • Hedge Funds: The Awkward Victors (Market Mogul) see also Hedge funds’ conspiracy of mediocrity keeps fees high, returns low (Fortune) • Yanis Varoufakis: Austerity Is the Only Deal-Breaker (Project Syndicate) see also…Read More

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Are Polls Always “Skewed” Against Republicans?

In my widely-discussed recent paper on Fox News, I suggested that its Republican bias was hurting the GOP in many ways. One specific example I raised on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” was that Republicans deluded themselves that Mitt Romney was doing better than he really was in 2012 due to cheerleading coverage on Fox, the only…Read More

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10 Memorial Day Reads

Hope you are enjoying your long holiday weekend. Round it off with some early morning reads: • How Iraq has left us with the biggest financial bubble in history (Telegraph) • Fed chair affirms plans for rate hike this year (Wonkblog) • Piles of Overseas Profits Investors Can See but Not Touch (NYT) • Ignore the annual first quarter…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

My easy-like Sunday morning loll around in bed reads: • Yellen Sees Rate Rise in 2015, Gradual Tightening Thereafter (Bloomberg) • How ‘Mathiness’ Made Me Jaded About Economics (Bloomberg View) see also The 20 Most Influential Economic Papers Of All Time (Business Insider) • Like Buffett, Another Folksy Investor Turns Patience Into Profit (MoneyBeat) • The Inside Story of How the…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morn. Pour yourself a strong cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain, settle into your favorite easy chair, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads: • Here’s How to Make Millions as an Art Forger (Bloomberg) • Decoding the Enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto and the Birth of Bitcoin (NYT) • Can Algorithms Form Price-Fixing Cartels? (New Yorker) • Silicon Valley Is…Read More

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10 Friday AM Reads

Three day weekend! Get it started right with our artisinal morning train reads: • Seven Lies Investors Tell Themselves (Total Return) • Meet Generation Subprime (USN&WR) • Mark Zuckerberg Just Wants a Little Privacy. $100 million and 750 Acres of It. (Slate) see also Top CEOs Make 373 Times the Average U.S. Worker (Real Time Economics) • What’s Wrong With ‘Mathiness’…Read More

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How Fox News Changed American Media and Political Dynamics

I am pleased to introduce to Big Picture readers Bruce Bartlett, who worked for Congressmen Ron Paul and Jack Kemp, and in the Office of Policy Development in the Reagan White House, and at the Treasury Department for George H.W. Bush. He is now a political independent. Enjoy. ~~~~   How Fox News Changed American…Read More

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