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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Our remarkably, purposely, blessedly, Greek-free morning train reads:

• Americans’ Net Worth Reaches High of $84.9 Trillion (WSJ)
• How to Spot Crowded Trades That the Shoeshine Boy Missed (Bloomberg)
• Home Values in Half of Top 300 U.S. Markets Achieve Full Price Recovery (World Property Journaldespite It got way harder to buy a house last year (Washington Post)
• Krugman Battles the Austerians! (BloombergThe most amazing bit of media you will see today!
• Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? (NYT)

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Krugman vs Austerians

Hilarious: click for interactive media    

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-for-Tuesday morning train reads: • The Long Expansion (Dr. Ed Yardeni) • Why IBM Moved To Index Investing (Rebalance IRA) but see Active Managers Are Beating the Market By Taking On More Risk. (TRB) • New Amazon algorithm to shake up product reviews (Econsultancy) see also Amazon looks to improve customer-reviews system with machine learning (C/Net) • The Saudis Go Solar: The fate…Read More

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10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome to Summer. Start it off right with our low-humidity, morning train reads: • Surprise: Some Active Managers are Skilled. (Alpha Architect) but see When Ordinary Beats Extraordinary (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Housel: Probability Beats Predictions (Fool) • McCulley: Escape Fandango​ (Pimco) • The housing market, any way you look at it, can’t lose (Marketwatch) see also After an Era of Ups and…Read More

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Cures for the Common Financial Web

Wonderful collection of sites from Jimmy Atkinson at Fund Reference: ~~~ Thankfully there are a number of sites dedicated to conveying investment advice that is actually worthwhile. The exceptional sites listed below can serve as resources for those looking to invest wisely and gradually accumulate wealth. Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz remains one of the most insightful and honest…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

Happy Summer! Its the longest day of the year, and we have enough reading material to keep you busy all day: • Will Retiring Baby Boomers Ruin Future Market Returns? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Rising Interest Rates and Sector Performance (Invesco) • The Mayor vs. the Mogul: Michael Bloomberg’s $9 billion identity crisis. (Politico) • Civility Breaks Out…Read More

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MiB: Nick Hanauer

This week, on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist Nick Hanauer.

Beginning his career in the family business, the Pacific Coast Feather Company, he became fascinated with the early form of the internet. That led him to eventually becoming the first outside investor in; if you ever wondered why Amazon is located in Seattle, you can listen to Hanauer’s explanation.

He was the founder and chairman of Aquantive Inc., which was sold to Microsoft in 2007 for $6.4 billion in cash. Some of his other investments include Insitu group, purchased by Boeing for $400 million;  Market Leader, purchased by Trulia in 2013 for $350 million. Other companies include Marchex, Newsvine, Qliance, and Seattle Bank.

Listen to the broadcast portion on Bloomberg radio; the  full podcast is now available on iTunesSoundCloud and on Bloomberg. Earlier podcasts can be found on iTunes and at (The books discussed during the podcast can be found after the jump)

Be sure to check out our conversation next week with Evercore ISI’s Ed Hyman.

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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morn! Pour yourself a mug of French roast, settle into your favorite chair, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads: • The $5 Billion Battle For The American Dinner Plate (Fast Company) see also Food flavor safety system a ‘black box’: But industry says self-policing poses no threat to consumers (Center For Public Integrity) see also ‘The…Read More

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10 Friday AM Reads

Cruise into your weekend with our algorithmically neutral morning train reads: • Why Do Analysts So Rarely Drop Their Long-Term Commodity Price Forecasts? (Piera) • Jack Bogle’s Great Insight (Morningstar) see also Long term investing is a superior strategy — except to the noisy internet (Fund Reference) • Podcasting Blossoms, but in Slow Motion (NYT) • This Year Is Headed for…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Our locally grown, 40 day dry aged morning train reads: • Does It Really Matter Exactly When the Fed Raises Rates? (NYT) see also June FOMC Recap (Tim Duy) • Apple Watch: My most personal review ever (Loop) • Rich people are jerks, explained (Vox) • GOP bill would repeal federal ethanol mandate (TheHill) • Unicorns (Stratechery) Continues here    

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