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10 Thursday AM Reads

Straight-outta-Brooklyn, our craft brewed, dry-aged, hand curated morning train reads:

• What If Everything We Know About Recessions IsWrong? (BView)
•  In Wake of Financial Crisis, Goldman Goes It Alone (WSJ)
• Apple’s New Market (stratecherysee also What Apple Just Did in Solar Is a Really Big Deal (Bloomberg)
• The key to financial success isn’t saving more. It’s investing more (Prag Cap)
• Very Little Evidence Disclosure Rules Are Effective (Dealbook)

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Who are all these new faces on my TV? No Williams, no Colbert, and soon no Letterman and no Stewart. No worries, we have you covered with our morning train reads: • Baltic Dry at Lowest Level Since August 1986 (Bloomberg) see also The Shipping News: Brutal. As per usual (Financial Post) • Treasure Hunt: In this turbulent…Read More

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All Hail the Daily Show!

Last night, Jon Stewart announced he would not be renewing his contract for The Daily Show. It immediately set off a scramble – who is going to replace him? What might this mean for intelligent, hard-hitting media criticism? And what is Jon going to do in the future? You might think that in this era…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

The Greek tragedy continues to play out in slow motion, oil finds a bid, and how earnings will end up this quarter is on everyone’s mind. And, our morning train reads: • The “Misery” Index Falls to an 8 Year Low (Pragmatic Capitalism) see also Fed’s Rate Dilemma: Job Gains vs. Low Inflation (WSJ) • Most Innovative Companies 2015 (Fast…Read More

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TDS: Guardians of the Veracity

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10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome back to another weak of energy, volatility, Greece, and (dammit!) snow! And of course, our craft morning train reads: • Booming jobs and falling gas prices make this the best economy in 15 years (WaPo) see also Revisions Made This A Blockbuster Jobs Report (fivethirtyeight) • Jeffrey Gundlach’s Surprising Bond Forecast (Barron’s) • Who Will Rule the Oil Market?…Read More

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The Golden Age of Financial Writing

Outstanding list of top notch financial writers from Morgan Housel. Over the years, I have tried to explain the significance to investors of organizing your thoughts into a written expression of understanding and belief. See, e.g., Why I Write and What I learned after 30,000 posts. It is one of the more important things you can do…Read More

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10 Sunday Morning Reads

Good Sunday morning. Rouse yourself, and enjoy these early morning lazing in bed reads: • Where are the Cheap Firms Internationally? (Alpha Architect) • American companies are investing way less in science than they used to (Vox) • The European Central Bank Just Made Your Gas Cheaper (FiveThirtyEight) • How Twitter Found Its Money Mojo (Medium) see also Twitter CEO:…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Pour yourself a mug of strong brew, settle into your favorite easy chair, and get ready for our long-form weekend reading: • Roger Goodell’s Season from Hell (GQ) • Mac McQuown Is Reinventing the Corporate Bond. Is He Solving a Big Problem or Creating an Even Larger One? (Bloomberg) • Why Google Glass Broke (NY Times) • The…Read More

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10 Friday AM Reads

Is the week over already? Here are my pre-nonfarm payroll morning train reads: • Plush Life: Why did people lose their minds over Beanie Babies? (Slate) • Dimensions of Popularity: The Journal of Portfolio Management (IIJ) • Diversification: From Free Lunch to Greedy Fee-Eater? (Chief Investment Officer) • What on earth is the ECB up to? (Coppola Comment) • You…Read More

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