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10 Monday AM Reads

Short but action packed work week. Kick it off right with our artisanal morning train reads:

• Three Lessons From Yale’s Endowment Fund (Morningstar)
• Can You Pick the Guys Who Pick the Guys Who Pick the Best Stocks? (MoneyBeatsee also Faulty Assumptions (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Anatomy of a NIMBY: Grief over growth is perennial, but it hasn’t always been this bad. How a detente over development failed and fueled the rise of the modern neighborhood preservationist. (Seattle Weekly)
• The Asteroid Hunters: It’s highly unlikely that a gigantic space rock will crash through our atmosphere and destroy civilization as we know it. But it’s not impossible either.  (Popular Mechanics)
• The Big Issues Of The 2016 Campaign (FiveThirtyEight)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Professor Scott Galloway of NYU and L2.


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Fed: Who Is Holding All the Excess Reserves?

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Why Are Risky Assets Wobbly?

From Torsten Sløk of Deutsche Bank:


click for full size image
Source: Deutsche Bank Securities

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Not All Fed Speak Is Equal

Useful graphic from the WSJ showing the relative significance of each Federal Reserve official, and their theoretical impact on interest rates.   click for ginormous graphic Source: WSJ

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The Long (Behavioral) History of Long Yields

I love this long term chart via Ben Carlson looking at the various behavioral issues that arise around every major Treasury peak over the past few centuries.   click for ginormous chart Source: A Wealth of Common Sense  

Category: Cognitive Foibles, Fixed Income/Interest Rates, Psychology, Really, really bad calls

Interest Rates and Inflation

Source: JPM Quarterly Chart Book

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Low Short-Term Rates for a Long Time?

Low Short-Term Rates for a Long Time? David Kotok November 4, 2015     We are likely to have worldwide near-zero short-term interest rates for at least another two years, maybe three or four. The implications for stocks, bonds, and currency exchange rates are huge, as we will explain below. Let’s define worldwide short-term rates…Read More

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The Liquidity Gap

Click for complete graphic



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Measuring the Natural Rate of Interest Redux

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October 19, 2015 Five Bad Reasons For The Fed To Raise Rates Now – And One Good Reason Not To A couple of days before the September 16-17 FOMC meeting, I happened to be listening to the NPR program, “On Point”, the subject of which was the appropriateness of a Fed policy interest rate increase…Read More

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