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Your Broccoli Is Way Too Thirsty

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Source: MoJo via WaPo

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Oysters Make a Comeback

Connoisseurs across the country are binging on oysters. The trend is, at least in part, the result of a rapid growth of oyster farms on the East and West Coasts. Source: Loss Leaders on the Half Shell

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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee in the Morning

Source: FastCo

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Where the World’s Coffee Comes From

Source: Businessweek

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Genetic Engineering INCREASES Pesticide Use, DECREASES Crop Yield

Genetic Engineering Companies Promised Reduced Pesticide Use … But GE Crops Have Led to a 25% Increase In Herbicide Use One of the main selling points for genetically engineered crops is that they would use substantially less pesticides than conventional crops. Because of that, and other, promises regarding GE crops, they have taken over much…Read More

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More Food For Thought (& Eating)

Very cool infographic from the Economist, showing improvements in food availability worldwide:   The world has become better fed over the past 50 years Click for an interactive graphic. Source: Economist

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Here’s What You Probably Ate Yesterday (by Region)

I love this way to look at regional US food preferences, via the Economist:     Source: Economist

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TDS Pizza War: New York vs Chicago

I am a born and bred New Yorker who loves our pizza. But I also appreciate Chicago pizza like Eduardo’s and Malnati’s. These segments not only resonated, but were hilarious: Chicago takes exception to Jon’s rant against the Windy City’s signature deep-dish cuisine. Strife of Pie The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The…Read More

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The Ultimate Fast Food Cup

Spotted in Cambodia — one handed food & beverage cup — perfect for those cocktail parties where you need a free greeting hand! How do we not have this in the United States ?   Click to enlarge

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Periodic Table of Alcohol

Enjoy Your Labor Day BBQs (responsibly!).   Click to enlarge Source: This Isn’t Happiness

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