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Starbucks “Instant” Coffee

I wandered over to Starbucks after the radio show, to taste the vaunted new instant. We have had positions in SBUX over the past few months, so I wanted to try the new beverage.

It was ( as I expected) watery and thin.

To be fair, this was not a blind taste test, and my pre-existing hatred of instant probably colored my view. I am curious if other ordinary coffee drinkers liked it.

I really don’t know what this means for the stock. If the instant was really goood, it would be a big seller and bring in profits.

But if it was fantastic, it could probably drive the entire chain out of existence!

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There are 215 Starbucks within 5 Miles of my Office

Over at, jason started a thread about the maximum Starbucks density and Starbucks center of gravity of Manhattan. It seemed that 165 was the maximum # of SBUX found within 5 miles of your location. On a lark, I punched in my street address — 535 5th — and BOOM! We have a new…Read More

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Your Coffee Sucks!

Note:  I originally published this in 2004, but since it was orphaned at the old site, I figured I should bring it here. > I’ve been to your home or apartment. We’ve broken bread, drank some wine or beer, had a few laughs and a good time. Its getting late, and some caffeine would be…Read More

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Travelling to Sag Harbor’s American Hotel by Ferrari

We’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather and beaches on the East End, the wineries on the North Fork, and some outstanding restaurants. Most of the meals we’ve been indulging in have been local seafood, simply prepared and served. Its not fancy — or cheap — but its fresh and delicious. At one canal-side restaurant, we…Read More

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Recession Special

Steamboat Landing is a local place on the water, serving drinks, dinner, etc. The views are lovely, right on the water, nestled in the hills of the North Shore. They have what has to be the best recession deal in town: An egg sandwich, with cheese and choice of breakfast meat. Skip the roll, and…Read More

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Deano !

For you Rat Pack fans: Check out this great looking print from Drew Friedman of Dean Martin: >

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Buy a Toaster, Get a Free Bank

White Rabbit Cult says: hat tip FT’s Alphaville > If anyone knows how to reach White Rabbit Cult, please let me know — i would love to get permission to use this in the book . . .

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Drink with Europeans!

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Poppa Rick’s Texas BBQ

I originally published this on October 12, 2003 at The Big Picture’s sister blog –  essays & effluvia — back in the typepad days, ~~~ Out and about today, shopping for floor tile and kitchen appliances. Leaves are starting to turn, so we take the long and winding back route home from Appliance store. On…Read More

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