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CrowdSource: Legal Impossibilities & Foreclosure Errors

I had a bizarre experience today where someone told me that none of the parade of horribles we have been discussing have actually happening. He didn’t use the word myth, but he sure implied it.

I quickly pulled these examples, but I want to ask you the reader: What other cases are there of actual errors — wrong house, wrong bank, wrong note, or wrong person — in the foreclosure fraud fiasco?

I’ll get you started:

• Lawsuit accuses Bank of America of seizing wrong house: Dr. Alan Schroit filed the lawsuit Monday in the 122nd State District Court in Galveston against the bank with which he has neither a relationship nor a mortgage. (The Galveston County Daily News)

• Christopher Hamby of Wheelwright, Ky., filed a lawsuit against Bank of America for repossessing his home by mistake and refusing to pay for damages other than replacing the locks. (Floyd County Times)

• Jason Grodensky bought his modest Fort Lauderdale home in December, he paid cash. But seven months later, he was surprised to learn that Bank of America had foreclosed on the house, even though Grodensky did not have a mortgage.  (Sun Sentinel)

• A Hampton Pennsylvania woman is suing Bank of America, saying one of its contractors wrongly repossessed her home, padlocked the doors, shut off the utilities, damaged the furniture and confiscated a pet parrot, though her mortgage payments were on time. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

• Charlie P. and Maria Cardoso of New Bedford claimed that their home in Florida was free of any mortgage. They filed a lawsuit for a wrong foreclosure, claiming that the Bank of America had foreclosed. Their lawyers argued that the Bank had already been notified about the wrong foreclosure, in July, despite which it got foreclosed (South Coast Today)

• A Las Vegas woman whose condo was mistakenly emptied in a bungled foreclosure action could be the first person to benefit from a new state law.  Nilly Mauck, left Las Vegas in mid-December for a snowboarding trip to Utah and returned to stay with a friend for a few days when she received a disturbing phone call. Something was amiss at the Coronado Palms condominium on Badura Avenue that she had owned for the past two years. (Las Vegas Sun)

Now, we know the above are “legal impossibilities” and yet they happened. What other legal impossibilities have actually happened. Please provide data, links, and actual examples. You lawyers should be able to provide info using just initials or first name, the bank, and the town or county

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Grayson to FBI: Prosecute The Frauds

> October 14, 2010 Robert S. Mueller III Director Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20535 Robert O’Neill U.S. Attorney Middle District of Florida 400 North Tampa Street, Suite 3200 Tampa, FL 33602 Dear U.S. Attorney O’Neill and Director Mueller, When it comes to foreclosures, there is mounting evidence of a…Read More

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Full Deposition of Tammie Lou Kapusta, Law Office of David J Stern

Full Deposition of Tammie Lou Kapusta Law Office of David J Stern

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Time for Criminal Charges To Be Filed . . .

The absurdity of illegal activity, criminal conduct, rampant fraud has reached a point where the nation much declare “No More.” We must begin the process of identifying criminal actors — and prosecuting them. The latest twist on the criminality/foreclosure fraud: The hiring of untrained, incompetent burger flippers to act as lawyers or paralegals in the…Read More

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Explaining the Mechanics of the Foreclosure Mess

Yves Smith on Foreclosure Fraud:


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Picture 10

You can view the segment here.

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Wells Fargo Home Seizure Problems

“Legal documents obtained by the Financial Times suggest that Wells Fargo, the second-largest US mortgage servicer, also used a “robo signer”.

Unlike its rivals, Wells Fargo has not halted foreclosures. The San Francisco-based bank said on Tuesday it was reviewing some pending cases, but it has maintained that it has checks and balances designed to prevent serious procedural lapses.

In a sworn deposition on March 9 seen by the FT, Xee Moua, identified in court documents as a vice-president of loan documentation for Wells, said she signed as many as 500 foreclosure-related papers a day on behalf of the bank.”

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Wells adds to crisis over home seizures
Suzanne, October 14 2010 00:01

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Foreclosure Fraud Linkfest

We have been covering the systemic Foreclosure fraud that has gone viral through out the US banking system over the past few days, months and year. This is a perfect example as to why bailouts are so ill advised: The government becomes reluctant to prosecute firms when they have a vested interest in their financial…Read More

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What’s the Foreclosure

Discussing possible solutions to the foreclosure fiasco, with Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ and CNBC’s Diana Olick.

Airtime: Mon. Oct. 11 2010 | 5:00 DT ET

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Why Foreclosure Fraud Is So Dangerous to Property Rights

There seems to be a misunderstanding as to why the rampant and systemic foreclosure fraud is so dangerous to American system of property rights and contract law. Some of this is being done by people who are naked corporatists (i.e., the WSJ Editorial Board) excusing horrific conduct by the banks. Others are excusing endemic property…Read More

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Foreclosure/Banking Open Thread

Ok, y’all obviously have lots to say about this subject — so what say we open it up to all comers: What are the banks doing wrong with foreclosures? What are they doing correctly? What are the negative consequences for the economy if the legal/financial/RE sector cannot untangle this mess? What is the best and…Read More

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