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Is Gold a Dollar Phenomenon ?

Not so much, according to Jesse’s Café Américain:

“But the US dollar is not alone, not the only fiat currency in a bit of a crisis. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, here is the price of gold over the last five years in six of the world’s major currencies of the developed nations. Granted, the price of gold may be different in select currencies. One has to make their own investment decisions to suit their own particular circumstances.”


Gold Priced in 6 Major Currencies

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Gold Bet: $2500 Over/Under 2012

I have a bet with Paul Brodsky of QB Partners about Gold two years out. Paul just did Nightline yesterday, and by sheer coincidence, I am doing Brian Williams (NBC) tonite at 6:30 — each discussing the Gold trade. With Gold at $1275/oz  today (spot cash price), Paul took the over and I took the…Read More

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Nightline: The Modern Gold Rush

The price of gold hit a record high. Should you invest?

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Annotated Gold Chart

Interesting chart forwarded to me by GW — I am not sure precisely what to make of this: > click for larger graph Source: Gold Daily

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Gold matching record high

Using the generic futures contract on Bloomberg, gold is rallying to match its all time record high at $1,257ish. With very little industrial use and with zero yield, the only reason to own gold is for jewelry and as a currency and over the past few years, the investor demand for another currency outside of…Read More

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Who’s Got The Gold / Who’s Mining It ?

Ever wonder which countries have the biggest gold reserves? Which countries produced the most gold? Now, via Money Hacker, you know exactly who and how much: > click for ginormous oversized infographic Source: Money Hacker

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Is Gold a Shadow Currency ?

My friend and hedge fund manager pal Paul Brodsky is quoted in the WSJ discussing Gold as a Currency. “Over the past 30 years, the correlation between the dollar and gold is minus-0.65—a high negative correlation. It means the dollar and gold are effectively on opposite ends of a seesaw. When the dollar is in…Read More

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I Love Gold

Hat tip Jesse

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Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme

Goldline International is under investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office, jointly with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, as well as being the subject of a separate investigation by Congress into the possible criminal practices. The firm has been the subject of an ABC Nightline News Exposé, as well as an investigation by NY Congressman Weiner).

Jess Bachman, who did several of the fantastic illustrations for Bailout Nation, turns his graphic expertise to the Glenn Beck/Goldline endorsement scheme:


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ABC Nightline Investigation of Goldline

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