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Hedge Funds Top Goal Ain’t Performance

From CIO, comes this article, headlined AUM Growth Is Hedge Funds’ #1 Goal, along with this fascinating chart.

The article ain’t headlined Performance is #1, so what they really mean are fees.


Source: Chief Investment Officer

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Hedge Funds Cost Pensions $15 Billion in Lost Opportunities

A new report poses an interesting question: “Would public pension funds have fared better if they had never invested in hedge funds at all?” This is a subject we have investigated numerous times. The conclusion of the report confirms our earlier commentary: a small number of elite funds generate alpha (market-beating returns) after fees for their clients…Read More

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How the Stanford Endowment Stacks Up

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Meet Ben Carlson of RWM Institutional Asset Management in NYC

Earlier this year, RWM announced that we were adding Ben Carlson to our team, to develop our Institutional Asset Management division. We have been working hard to bring our vision of a lower cost investment process of reduced complexity to the institutional world. And we have been making terrific progress. Towards that end, next month, Ben will be…Read More

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S&P 500 vs Hedge Fund Returns Since 2011

Source: Arbor Research

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Portfolio Managers vs. Portfolio Management

This morning’s must read comes from Ben Carlson, who coincidentally runs our institutional practice. In a longer analysis, Ben dives deep into the differences between managers and management. The differences are simultaneously nuanced yet pronounced: Portfolio Managers: The ability to process investment ideas from a number of different sources. Attention to detail. Knowing when to admit that you’re…Read More

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Omega Advisors’ Leon Cooperman: 7 Thoughts About the Markets

Omega Advisors Founder, CEO and Chairman Leon Cooperman discusses his outlook for the markets.

Source: Bloomberg, 10:12 AM EDT October 13, 2015


Omega Advisors Founder, CEO and Chairman Leon Cooperman weighs in on the activist investing debate. He speaks on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.”

Source: Bloomberg, 10:09 AM EDT October 13, 2015

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Carlson on Hedge Funds

Todays MUST READ comes from my colleague Ben Carlson discussing some of the nuanced issues surrounding hedge funds: Hedge funds are a lightning rod in the financial industry. The most vocal critics and proponents both offer extreme views that paint a very different picture of the same topic. Some will bash hedge funds no matter…Read More

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MiB: Art Samberg of Pequot Partners

This week in our Masters in Business interview, we speak with with Art Samberg of Pequot Capital. When Art Samberg began his hedge fund in 1986, there were less than 100 hedge funds. By 2000, as George Soros and Julian Robertson retired, Pequot Capital Management at over $15 billion, became the largest hedge fund in the world. He returned 17.8% net of fees…Read More

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