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The Magnetar Trade

Former WSJ reporter Jesse Eisinger teamed up with author and reporter Jake Bernstein at They spent 7 months investigating a series of hedge fund trades made against subprime mortgages, CDS, etc. The result is this thorough detailed analysis of how this took place:  The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble…Read More

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New Broadway Tune: Bet Against The American Dream !

This video is utterly hysterical (and perhaps in ways more than the way its writers intended): Toxic assets get the full Broadway musical treatment. Gee, I wonder if by the time the hedge funds that made money betting against subprime mortgages become the subject of a Broadway showtunes (even if its only NPR) if its…Read More

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Top 10 Hedge Fund Managers 2009 Salary

Here are the top 10 managers for 2009 in terms of net compensation. The majority  of this comp is based on performance fees, plus investment returns on their own money. The top 25 earners were paid a collective $25.3 billion. The lowest earner on the list earned a puny $350 million — a shanda! —…Read More

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7 Habits of Highly Suspicious Hedge Funds

I met Richard Bookstaber at an event recently — very nice guy — and we briefly discussed A Demon of Our Own Design (excerpted here). This week, he discussed The 7 Habits of Highly Suspicious Hedge Funds (The Journal of Investment Management), which he posted on his own blog as a preview. Here’s the overview: 1. No…Read More

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Pequot Capital Closing

Arthur Samberg, among the best-known hedge-fund managers, is closing down his firm amid an ongoing investigation into possible insider trading WSJ: “Public disclosures about the continuing investigation have cast a cloud over the firm and have become a source of personal distraction,” Mr. Samberg wrote in a letter that was sent to investors of his…Read More

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The Cream of the Hedge Fund Crop

Barron’s David Schutt and Jack Willoughby speak about the annual release of this year’s best 100 Hedge Funds.


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Big Hedge Fund Money

Things are tough all over: > via NYT Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year LOUISE STORY NYT, March 24, 2009 >

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Top Hedge Fund Earners

From Alpha Magazine via the NYT, comes the latest list of earners, in order of 2008 take home pay. Unlike the weasels who ran Merrill, Morgan, Bear & Lehman into the ground, then grabbed the cash and ran, these boys actually made their money the old fashioned way: They earned it, via outperformance. Read ‘em…Read More

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The Biggest A.I.G. Counterparties

> Source: A.I.G.’s Bailout Priorities Are in Critics’ Cross Hairs GRETCHEN MORGENSON NYT March 17, 2009

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