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How To Speak Hedgie

Amusing linguistic observations from
Slate’s Dan Gross:

Hedge-Fund Phrase: Challenging
Translation: Run for the hills!

Hedge-Fund Phrase: Unprecedented, unique circumstances
Translation: Stuff happens. But we had no clue.

Hedge-Fund Phrase: Market volatility has produced
unfair, unrealistic prices.

Translation: The market is efficient only when it works in
our favor.

Hedge-Fund Phrase: Our results were affected by the
selling behavior of other firms.

Translation: We made the same dumb trades as everyone

Hedge-Fund Phrase: We just want to protect investors.
Translation: We just want to cover our butts.

Hedge-Fund Phrase: This isn’t a rescue.
Translation: THIS IS TOTALLY A RESCUE!!!!!!!

Great stuff!  The full article is here:


How To Speak Hedgie
What hedge-fund managers mean when they talk about challenges.
Daniel Gross
Posted Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007, at 4:16 PM ET

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