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Periodic Table of Hedge Fund Returns

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Source: Chief Investment Officer

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Bloomberg Markets’ 100 Richest Hedge Funds (Video)

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100 Richest Hedge Funds Ranking

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Another Mediocre Year (Decade) for Hedge Funds

This has not been a great year for Hedge Funds. As The Economist reported, the “HFRX, a widely used measure of industry returns, is up by just 3%, compared with an 18% rise in the S&P 500 share index.” This is not a mere one off, a single year’s underperformance, but rather, symptoms of a much…Read More

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Why Have Hedge Funds Underperformed in 2012?

click for larger graphic Hat tip Bianco Research   The chart above raises a very interesting question: Why are hedge funds underperforming this year?  In general, the answer would involve costly fees, and no Alpha creation — but what is it about this year that is so problematic? A few theories have been trotted out:…Read More

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What’s It Like to Start a Hedge Fund?

Prosiris Capital Management’s Founder and CIO Reza Ali talks about starting a hedge fund and his investment strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”

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Running Out the Clock on 2012 Stocks

click for updated futures   Sometimes in a close football game, when the team with the ball has a small lead, and with only a few minutes left, they will run out the clock. They can use the maximum amount of time before, during and after each play, to burn off as many minutes and…Read More

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Graphic Guide to Hedge Funds

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Hedge Funds Pile into MBS, Go For Mortgage Gains

“I simply love the mortgage market. It’s the best place to be right now.” -Steve Kuhn, Pine River’s mortgage chief, at the 2012 SALT Conference   Absolute Return and Alpha:  Hedge Fund Firms are piling into the MBS market and putting up lofty returns, but high risks remain: “Cerberus Capital Management, Pine River Capital Management…Read More

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Hedge Funds Cool On Commodities?

Click to enlarge: Source: Bianco research     Various hedge funds that had extensive commodity exposure have been throttling back, according to a recent Bloomberg report: “Hedge funds trimmed bets on a commodity rally for the first time in nine weeks as signs of U.S. growth and speculation that central banks will do more to…Read More

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