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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

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Wealthy Families Dominate Campaign Contributions

Seth Meyers Channels John Oliver to Discuss Campaign finance

Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers


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NRA Plan for School Security

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Stephen Colbert’s Pander Express

Stephen Colbert’s ‘Pander Express’ is a brilliant takedown of how Hollywood sucks up to China

Source: Wonkblog



Stephen Colbert has promised to follow Hollywood’s example in sucking up to China — a practice that has become a huge moneymaker for American film studios. In an episode of the “Late Show” this week, the host fawned over China’s achievements and vowed to get himself some of that “sweet and sour renminbi.”

Colbert launches his segment by talking about “The Martian,” the sci-fi thriller that has been a huge hit so far in the U.S.. The film took in around $150 million in box office revenues in its first weekend, according to entertainment data company Rentrak.

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Science and Your Beliefs

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John Oliver: Mental Health

John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t.




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John Oliver vs. Lorne Michaels

Who has the best farm team, Lorne Michaels or Jon Stewart? The latter is retired, but he spawned Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. Who has Lorne hatched for us lately? NOBODY! But Lorne controls the media, he’s the King of New York! But there’s a new emperor in town. Welcome to 2015 where there’s so…Read More

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I’m Hoarding Gold

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#badadvice to Ruin Your Financial Life

How to ruin your financial life, #badadvice Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, September 13 2015       About two years ago, Ezra Klein wrote in The Washington Post about University of Chicago social scientist Harold Pollack, who “managed to write down pretty much everything you need to know on a 4×6 index card” about investing. I thought…Read More

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The advice to ensure financial ruin? It fits on a 4×6 index card.

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the idea of putting all if the financial advice anyone needs on an 4×6 index card — the twist is to invert it, via some really bad advice. Both the print and online versions had the Twitter friendly headline How to ruin…Read More

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