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Fallon: Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

This was hilarious:



Be sure to watch the full interview on the Tonite Show – after seeing it, I no longer find it inconceivable that The Donald could be President. November 2016 is a long way off, but its not impossible that he could win.

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Hosting Advice for Stephen Colbert (from his competitors)


Hat tip Rolling Stone

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Corporate Guidance

Source: Dilbert

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Donald Trump Says “China”

Source: Huffington Post

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@TBPInvictus When the media recently began its feeding frenzy on the Dow’s “Death Cross,” all I could think was, what a cool name for a rock band. As it was also a mid-summer day and a horrible morning in the markets following China’s currency devaluation (the morning of August 12), I took a shot and…Read More

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Bad Lip Reading: First Republican Debate


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Truth in Politics

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Jon Stewart’s Sickest Wall Street Burns

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Stock Market Quotations by Sophronia Tibbs

Fantastic collection of thoughts on various aspects of finance, Wall Street, and more. That it is from 1926 seems to have no bearing on its relevance today:   University of Michigan via Google

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Jon Stewart: You Can’t Prove That on TV

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