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Colbert To Replace David Letterman



Latest media on the subject:


• Colbert to Succeed Letterman on ‘Late Show’ (NYT)

• Jon Stewart: Stephen Colbert ‘would be remarkable’ for David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ replacement (Daily News)

• Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman on “Late Show” (CBS)

• Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman (Variety)

• Why Is Bill O’Reilly Trying to Get Stephen Colbert David Letterman’s Job? (Time)

• Could Stephen Colbert ‘break character’ to host CBS’s ‘Late Show?’ (Newsday)

A little history for you young’uns:

In one of the ballsiest comic stunts ever pulled in Washington, comedian Stephen Colbert delivered a blistering “tribute” to President Bush at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It was so edgy and uncomfortable that it was almost too hard to watch, as a cold-faced and stunned Bush sat just a few feet away with the look of someone who had just been ambushed.

Acting the part of the faux conservative talk show host that he plays on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Colbert spoke truthiness to power as he leveled an all-out assault on Bush under the guise of mock praise. He lampooned Bush over everything from his low approval ratings to his handling of Iraq to his vaunted stubbornness — and got in a few shots at the Washington press corps as well.



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Evolution of Trading

Hat tip Bianco Research

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How a Predator Drone Works

Source: The Onion

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Best April Fool’s Joke Ever?

Click for video. Source: BBC Witness

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How New Yorker Cartoons Get Chosen

New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff lets 60 Minutes cameras into the weekly process of picking the magazine’s famous cartoons 60 Minutes ~~~ Morley Safer’s favorite New Yorker cartoons Morley Safer picks some of his favorite cartoons from his 60-odd years as a reader of The New Yorker magazine

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How Hollywood Has Destroyed America

Source: The Concourse

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Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say

Source: YouTube

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Food Stamps: What Not To Buy

Seafood, aka the Mercedes of food, is deemed an inappropriate food source for America’s low income diners.

What Not To Buy

Daily Show 04:09


Herman Cain struggles to define food stamp assistance, and Fox News shares a myriad of concerns surrounding welfare and its intended use.

What Not To Buy – What Would Jesus Soil


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Blame it on the Weather . . .

In response to this morning’s Polar Vortex discussion, a friend sends this in:   Why Are Wall Street Economists Paid Millions Of Dollars? The answer: to be horrible weathermen.   Source: Zero Hedge  

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Separated at Birth: Howard & Ringo

I am watching the Beatles Grammy show (on DVR) when it dawns on me that I was out drinking with Ringo Starr recently. I am trying to recall how I ended up getting s#$%faced with a Beatle, when it dawns on me that it wasn’t Ringo at all, but Howard!     Is it just…Read More

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