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Ouzo on the rocks…

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Vote Burns

Source: Vulgar Trader see also Simpsons Wiki

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Colbert: 9th Rock from the Sun

Stephen discusses the latest news from 4.67 billion miles away.


Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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John Oliver on Taxpayer Funded Stadiums

Cities spend massive amounts of public money on privately-owned stadiums. Cities issue tax-exempt municipal bonds that — wait, don’t fall asleep!


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stadiums (HBO)



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Greece Crisis, the musical (GREASE PARODY)



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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Stephen Colbert

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Colbert Shows How to React to a Market Collapse


A message from the Supply Lord of The Afterscape.


Apocalypse Dow

Hat tip WSJ


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Simpsons Spoof Trump

  Daily Beast via Matt Miller

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The Trojan Finger

Via Twitter:

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