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The Money Oscars at Davos

Mountain Few
A group of the world’s wealthiest people gather in an secluded mountain enclave to discuss concerns over income inequality. (02:08)


Mountain Few – The Money Oscars at Davos
Jason Jones scores an all-access pass to some of the most horrific chronicling of human misery seen in decades, and Sam Bee parties in Davos. (03:08)

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New Population of the US in Units of Canadas

Source: Stephen’s Lighthouse

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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jay Leno

Source: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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Bad British Sports Commentary

These are hilarious:   Bad British NFL Commentary   Bad British Baseball Commentary   Bad British Basketball Commentary

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Moral Hazard: Slumdogs vs. Millionaires

Some argue that income inequality isn’t systemic enough:

Slumdogs vs. Millionaires


Why some media lauds the end of unemployment insurance fraud, which is totally different from Wall Street fraud.

Slumdogs vs. Millionaires – Moral Hazard


January 9, 2014

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The Road Ahead



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DNN: In Today’s News . . .


Source: Dilbert

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My Annual Predictions for the Coming Year, 2014 Edition

Here are my forecasts for 2014, guaranteed to not be wrong: Category Forecast Dow Jones Industrials No idea S&P500 WTF are you asking me for? 10 Year Bond Could not fathom a guess Emerging Markets Who knows? Fed Fund Rates Haven’t a clue US Housing Market That’s a really good question Inflation Not a clue…Read More

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‘Tis two days yet to New Year

From the inimitable Art Cashin of UBS: ‘Tis two days yet to New Year but despite what you’re hopin’ The folks in the Board Room say “the full Eve we’ll stay open” So we’ll buy and we’ll sell as the tape crawls along And though “Bubbly’s” verboten we may still sing a song Two Thousand…Read More

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Investment Fads and Themes, 1996-2013

Another year in the books and I’ve updated my Investing Fads and Themes by Year guide accordingly. It begins with 1996 because that was my first summer working on The Street and my earliest exposure to the market. I do this every December because I agree with the eminent philosopher Bob Marley when he reminds us “If you…Read More

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