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“Bailout Ben” iPhone App

Fun, goofy new iPhone App called Bailout Ben:

Bailout Ben (aka Helicopter Benny), the intrepid pilot of Bail Force One, is on a mission to engineer the biggest bailout in the history of the universe! Benny’s helicopter is flying lower and lower, and if he doesn’t bail out every single company he will crash & burn!

The names of the companies to be bailed out are shown on the bottom of the screen, in stock ticker format. For example, C for Citigroup, GM for General Motors.

The debt of each company is denoted by the blue and green bars. The taller the bar, the greater the toxic debt. Tap the screen to drop a bundle of dollars and help bail out a company. Only one wad of cash can be dropped at a time, so manage your bailouts carefully.

Land the helicopter and see Benny dance to the funky beat*. Or be trampled by a herd of piggy banks, angry at the lack of money flowing their way. Sometimes they get really mad and then it’s “Oh my gosh they killed Benny!”

Can you bail out everyone safely, or will you soon crash & burn?  Its a question everyone is waiting on!






For more info, contact:

Bailout Ben

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Cramer: “People Like Overpaying!”

(CCN ­ Englewood Cliffs NJ) With The Dow at new highs of 10440, CNBC¹s resident revisionist historian Jim Cramer encouraged what remains of his audience To “Buy! Buy! Buy!” recommending the purchase of Williams Sonoma (WSM $22) who sells over-priced culinary gadgets that few actually need.  “People LOVE over­paying for things!” he exclaimed. The Carnival…Read More

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Friday Night Jazz iPod’s guilty little pleasures

I will be incommunicado today, winging my way back from Berlin for acht und halben stunden (8 1/2 hours).  I wrote this back in 2005, but never published it widely. Enjoy: > What sort of crap do you have lurking hidden on your iPod? That’s the question I stumbled across from my old essays &…Read More

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Goldman: Flu Fear Spurs Donation!

(Rooters, New York):  Having inoculated its employees with H1N1 vaccine dosages usurped from pregnant women and children, Goldman Sachs has increased its vigilance against the contagious virus by banning employee contact with spare change. An internal memo outlines steps staff should take to avoid becoming ill, starting with the eradication of the potentially infected currency…Read More

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Fortune Cookie

I post this to NOT make any political statement whatsoever — George Bush’s face can be superimposed on Obama’s and the cartoon will still have the same impact. Rather, it highlights that relying on foreigners to finance half of our debts can last without consequence until it doesn’t. It also highlights the importance of growing…Read More

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Internal CNBC Guest Memo Leaked!

Richard Ambrose is the author of some amusing financial humor. He is the original author of The Lloyds Prayer that was widely circulated without proper attribution last week (my apologies, Richard!) His most recent work takes a poke at one of my favorite CNBC curmudgeons, Mark Haines: How To Be An Agreeable Guest Of Mark…Read More

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Financial Lessons From the Meltdown

Brilliant: >

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The LLOYD’s Prayer

Richard Ambrose pens this modest variation of The Lord’s Prayer: > THE LLOYD’s Prayer Our Chairman, Who Art At Goldman, Blankfein Be Thy Name. The Rally’s Come. God’s Work Be Done On Earth As There’s No Fear Of Correction. Give Us This Day Our Daily Gains, And Bankrupt Our Competitors As You Taught Lehman and…Read More

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Goldman Sachs Special Swine Flu Vaccine

Pretty damned funny: click for video via

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Jon Stewart Smacks Down Glenn Beck

This is way too funny: > The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The 11/3 Project Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis

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