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Wall Street vs Main Street



Hat tip Larry Doyle’s Sense on Cents

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Banking with Bird & Fortune

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hat tip Scott F

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CEO & Senator

Today, we have more hearings on financial regulation. Which makes this morning’s Dilbert perfectly timed: >

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Cable TV on the Health Care Debate

Watch this:

CNN Leaves It There

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Then watch this:

Steve Forbes, Forbes CEO, shares his thoughts on health care reform.

Pretty amusing!

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Plummeting Dollars

Some amusing dollar cartoons from the past few years . . .

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Principles of Economics, Translated

An oldie but a goodie:

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Cash for Clunkers Withdrawal

Amusing: >

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Star Trek Meets Monty Python

This is why YouTube even exists:

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Dilbert Does Warren Buffett

The new rallying cry: Assemble the Illuminati!

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End of Recession Blues

Too apropos to today’s NFP:

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