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The LLOYD’s Prayer

Richard Ambrose pens this modest variation of The Lord’s Prayer:


THE LLOYD’s Prayer

Our Chairman,
Who Art At Goldman,
Blankfein Be Thy Name.
The Rally’s Come. God’s Work Be Done
On Earth As There’s No Fear Of Correction.
Give Us This Day Our Daily Gains,
And Bankrupt Our Competitors
As You Taught Lehman and Bear Their Lessons.
And Bring Us Not Under Indictment.
For Thine Is The Treasury,
The House And The Senate
Forever and Ever.

Hat tip Bill King

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Goldman Sachs Special Swine Flu Vaccine

Pretty damned funny: click for video via

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Jon Stewart Smacks Down Glenn Beck

This is way too funny: > The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The 11/3 Project Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis

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On the List

I don’t know why I find this so amusing, but: > via New Yorker

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Tom Toles via WaPo

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The Madoff Halloween Mask

Enjoy your Halloween today: > > Hat tip Dealbook

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Goldman Sachs Salutes America’s Working Men

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Wall Street vs Main Street

> Hat tip Larry Doyle’s Sense on Cents

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Banking with Bird & Fortune

click for video

hat tip Scott F

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CEO & Senator

Today, we have more hearings on financial regulation. Which makes this morning’s Dilbert perfectly timed: >

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