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Bailout Art

Nice piece of bailout Artwork from artist Scott Moore:


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Financial Fantasyland

Fantabulous infographic via The Economist April Fool’s day goof . . > > Source: The Economist Group expands, April 1st 2009

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Quadruple Confirmed Evil Knievel Formation

Perfect for a Friday afternoon: > > Thanks, Josh!

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Hybrid of Risky Mortgages and a Ponzi Scheme

Dilbert, 2 days in a row: >

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Dogbert the CEO

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Billion vs 1,000 Million

Wryly amusing: > > Hat tip Bradman! via XKCD

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Jim Cramer Morning Joe Rant HipHop Remix

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Madoff’s Prison Twitter Page

This is too damn funny! > via Jeans Blog

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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

My pal Prieur du Plessis, who does the terrific weekend Words from the investment wise in the cafe, sends along this St. Patricks Day amusement: Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

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Risk Management Software

Its funny ’cause you know it was true:

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