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Sesame Street explains the Madoff Scandal


JimmyKimmelLive March 12, 2009

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Madoff in Prison

In all the week’s lunacy, we neglected this story — which can be resolved with a simple cartoon: > via Time Magazine

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When Ritholtz Talks . . .

Terribly amusing posting on the Freakonomics blog yesterday that made me check if it was April Fool’s Day: > > Thanks for the compliment — I think we both know this was correlation rather than causation. We recorded that on Monday afternoon, and they posted it early Tuesday. But if you looked at the US…Read More

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Preferred Stocks

> via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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SNL on Tim Geithner

Have an idea to solve the banking crisis? Call Tim Geithner at 1-800-IDEAS?.

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Some geek statistical humor: > > xkcd via Flowing Data

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The New F***ing Citibank

This is hysterical (NSFW): The New Nationalized Citibank from Funny or Die After Citibank becomes nationalized, expect to see commercials like this.

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Timmy & the Bear

Here’s a little counter-programming to my screed this morning: > > I am fair and balanced, or fairly unbalanced, or words tot hat effect . . .

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The Uncler

Still reeling over Mickey Rourke not bringing home Oscar gold? Well, while you wait on the DVD of The Wrestler, enjoy one this parody:

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Jim Rogers on Max Keiser’s The Oracle

A must see episode of BBC World’s The Oracle with Max Keiser. Along with guests Jim Rogers and Michael Hudson, Keiser discusses angry bailout losers in the US; a ‘monetary Stalingrad’ in Eastern Europe; and whether Swiss banking can survive without tax cheats and money launderers.

Part one

Part two

The Oracle with Max Keiser Guests: Michael Hudson and Alfredo Vallabao Topics: Bailouts and China, US Treasuries

Part three:

February 27, 2009

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