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Cash for Clunkers Withdrawal




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Star Trek Meets Monty Python

This is why YouTube even exists:

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Dilbert Does Warren Buffett

The new rallying cry: Assemble the Illuminati!

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End of Recession Blues

Too apropos to today’s NFP:

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Cash Cow – High-Frequency Trading

Samantha Bee wants to tell her small investor friends about high-frequency trading before regulators outlaw it.

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The Daily Show on High-Frequency Trading

This is frickin hysterical: Samantha Bee of The Daily Show takes a look at HFT Cash Cow – High-Frequency Trading Hilarity ensues . . .

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Strange Bedfellows

> “Sure, it may be great for us, but its Hell on the markets . . .” > via New Yorker Cartoon Bank

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Duty Calls

heh heh: I’m a big fan of XKCD — I just ordered their first book.

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Economic Breakdown Song

Hat tip: Economists Do It With Models

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Forage During Daylight, Hide at Night

To funny: via

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