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Devil’s Dictionary: Wall Street Edition

Amusing take on Ambrose Bierce’s classic in the Journal today.


AAA, n., obsolete. A rhetorical device used to dupe buyers into purchasing securities backed by shacks dressed as houses, and to secure the highest possible spot in telephone directories. Common usage: AAA Septic Drainage and Mortgage Backed Security Services.

BAILOUT, n. First known use: Noah. Novel regressive taxation scheme whereby vast sums of capital are transferred from those citizens who didn’t participate in the illusory Bacchanalia of the housing bubble to those who did and weren’t clever enough to get out in time.

BANK, GOOD, n., archaic. Sober, conservative, risk-averse institutions designed to midwife customers’ capital and enable prudent lending to deserving businesses and consumers. See Capra, F., the Bailey Building & Loan Association.

BANK, BAD, n. 1. Everyone else. 2. Especially Goldman Sachs.

CREDIT-DEFAULT SWAP, n. loose translation from the original Latin “ubi mel ibi apes,” or “where there’s honey there are bees.” 1. A complex financial instrument vital to the functioning of a modern economy in the way it spreads risk among consenting parties. (Greenspan, A., pre-Sept. 2008.) 2. A complex financial instrument that nearly destroyed modern capitalism (Greenspan, A., post-Sept. 2008).

CREDIT LINE, n. A set amount of borrowed money available only to those who don’t need it.

CREDIT-RATING FIRMS, n. Firms that do scant rating of people with scant credit.

DEFICIT, n. For the party in power, at worst a minor irritant and at best a precondition for economic growth. For the minority, the gravest threat to the stability of the Republic.

TOO BIG TO FAIL, idiom. Banks, insurance companies, car companies, presidential approval ratings, Fed chairmen seeking second terms, other people who think they should be Fed chairman, the reputations of people who’d be responsible for letting things fail. Antonym: TOO BORING TO SAVE.

Fun stuff . . .


The Devil’s Dictionary — Financial Edition

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A Modest Proposal: A Nation of Bankers

My friend Scott is a hedge fund manager who noted the following, with just a trace of irony in his voice: Joe Stiglitz, in an interview from Paris with Bloomberg over the weekend, noted that “if workers do not have income, it’s very hard to see how the U.S. will generate the demand that the…Read More

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Out of the Woods . . .

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Thousands Of Abandoned, Foreclosed Homes Threatened By Florida Hurricane

Another instant Onion classic: In what forecasters are predicting will be the largest, most devastating disaster to hit Florida since the national economy collapsed, a Category 5 hurricane neared the Gulf coast this week, threatening thousands of repossessed and long deserted homes. According to meteorologists, the incoming tropical storm could leave as many as 3…Read More

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The Eternal Economic Seminar

heh heh –  I am decidely not at one of these things this week: > > via Wiley Miller

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Sayings of the Jewish Buddha

> The Jewish Buddha says: If there is no self, whose arthritis is this? Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated? Drink tea and nourish life; with the first sip, joy; with the second sip, satisfaction; with the third sip, peace; with the fourth, a Danish. Wherever you go, there you…Read More

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Honest Ben

via Contrary Riches

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After Twitter, Comes Grunter, Then Grimacer

Recently, I had a chat with some people about Twitter. I occasionally use it. I appreciate the instantaneous communication of micro bursts of info, but cannot help but wonder if its part of a culture of dumbing everything down. All nuance, all subtlety, all fine lines of discussion get lost in 140 characters. Like the…Read More

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Hitting Bottom?

In honor of this week’s Jackson Hole meeting: >

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Hitler Annoyed He Missed Bull Market

Hitler becomes some what annoyed when he is informed that he has missed the Bull market.

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