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Securtizing Goldman’s Bonuses

Zero Hedge has this hilarious offering memorandum of GS’ bonus pool this year:


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Top 10 Things the Letters “UBS” Stands For

Last night, I asked what the letters “U B S” stood for — using “U Better Sing” and “Unreliable Bankers Swiss” as examples.

Readers responded with dozens of examples of possible other names that worked well. In fact, there were quite a few fantastic suggestions, which I culled down to a Letterman style short list of my favorites:

Top 10 Things the Letters “UBS” Stands For

10. Uncle Broke Sam
9. Unlocked Banking Secrets
8. Untaxed Bastards Suffer!
7. Uber Blown Secrecy
6. Untrustworthy Bankster Swine
5. Used to BS (the IRS)
4. Unconcealed Banknote Storage
3. Unlawful Benefits Seized
2. U’d Better Surrender

and the number one thing UBS stands for:

1. Utilize Bahamas, Swiftly!

Honorable Mentions after the jump . . .

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UBS Stands For . . . ?

Time to crowdsource some comedy from your creative minds, all at the expense of the Swissies: We know that UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, has rolled over and is divulging the dirt on 4,450 accounts to settle a lawsuit with the United States.  This is forcing the Swiss government to divest itself of its UBS position. …Read More

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Something is Going On . . .

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The White House, a Subsidiary of . . .

Goldman Sachs:

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John Oliver Scares MBA Students Straight

As John Oliver illustrated on last night’s Daily Show, there are basically two kinds of businessperson one can choose to become.

MBA Ethics Oath

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TDS Wants to Interview “Wealthy Real Estate Investor”

I would imagine this is going to be a tough request to fill: Daily Show looking to interview wealthy real estate investor in the NYC area. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is looking to interview a wealthy real estate investor in the NYC area as part of a segment we’re working on.  We want…Read More

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Economic Turnaround

Sad but true: >

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But Still Better Than Expected . . .

Hat tip:   immobilienblasen

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Cash for Clunkers

Amusing: via Time

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