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Oh No, Timmy !

And by Timmie, I presume you mean Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary ?



How funny is this?
(I swear, it said “Timmie” in the original!)

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Stimulis: Because all economies have performance issues

Are you an economy with performance issues?

If you find it hard to achieve and maintain growth, maybe Stimulis is right for you.

Take Stimulis once every election cycle or whenever you’re in need of economic enhancement.

“Stimulis” is written and produced by Ted Balaker, and edited by Alex Manning.

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Verizon Math Fail


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Wall Street Executive Air

“The cabin has been monetized for convenience . . . ” hat tip Josh!

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Stocks Chart Scores

Stock charts turned into music using Microsoft Songsmith.

Melodies derived from Stock Charts, arranged with Songsmith, the Microsoft Composition Tool. By Johannes Kreidler.

Hat tip Cameron

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The Word – The Audacity of Nope

Too funny:

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My Favorite Superbowl Videos

These are my 5 faves from last nite:

1. Hulu:

You can pcik either of these as a tie:

2. Bridgestone: Taters

2. Bridgestone: Jump

3. Coke: Heist

4. Star Trek: Trailer

4. Land of the Lost Movie: Trailer

5. E*Trade: Talking Baby

The minute long Audi chase commercial gets honorable mention:

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Samtron Imperius

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Bank Postage . . .


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F**K The Fed

Amusing video from NealF

As the title implies, this is not safe for work . . .


Think the Federal Reserve is a government institution? Think again. It’s a group of privately owned banks that Congress illegally gave the right to print money. Now they print it, loan it to us, then we pay it back with interest. What a scam!

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