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Some geek statistical humor:



xkcd via Flowing Data

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The New F***ing Citibank

This is hysterical (NSFW): The New Nationalized Citibank from Funny or Die After Citibank becomes nationalized, expect to see commercials like this.

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Timmy & the Bear

Here’s a little counter-programming to my screed this morning: > > I am fair and balanced, or fairly unbalanced, or words tot hat effect . . .

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The Uncler

Still reeling over Mickey Rourke not bringing home Oscar gold? Well, while you wait on the DVD of The Wrestler, enjoy one this parody:

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Jim Rogers on Max Keiser’s The Oracle

A must see episode of BBC World’s The Oracle with Max Keiser. Along with guests Jim Rogers and Michael Hudson, Keiser discusses angry bailout losers in the US; a ‘monetary Stalingrad’ in Eastern Europe; and whether Swiss banking can survive without tax cheats and money launderers.

Part one

Part two

The Oracle with Max Keiser Guests: Michael Hudson and Alfredo Vallabao Topics: Bailouts and China, US Treasuries

Part three:

February 27, 2009

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Wall Street Meltdown – Redux


This is a sequel to a video parody I made in December 2007 entitled Wall Street Meltdown (also on YouTube) that chronicled the developing financial crisis of 2007. Redux picks up where the original left off and covers the deepening crisis in 2008.

It is scary the prophetic nature of the first video which hinted at the demise of Bear Stearns, Dick Fuld losing his job and taxpayers footing the bill for failing Wall Street investment banks well before the events ocurred. I had no idea, however, that the crisis would reach the levels it has.

L.McDuff is my pen name (actually the name of my dog).

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Golden Parachute

Sweet! Wall Stats by way of Flowing Data:

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Bears & Balls – Company Bailouts

Sbarro must cut costs by eliminating expensive ingredients, like cheese and tomatoes.

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Nation Instinctively Forms Breadline

Another Onion classic: Drawn by a strange force they could neither resist nor describe, millions of Americans reportedly dropped what they were doing Tuesday and, acting as if by instinct alone, gathered into one massive nationwide breadline. According to witnesses, citizens across the country exited their homes in near unison, leaving behind growing stacks of…Read More

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Bailout Hearings


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