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Brian Williams Introduces Dylan Ratigan to NBC News

Be sure to catch Brian Williams deadpan at the end . . .


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Bailout Mambo

3 month to 30 year US swap spreads data from Bloomberg pulled into excel, mashed up a bit and set to music.

Hat Tip: Paul Kedrosky

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Hyperinflation Nation

Hyperinflation Nation starring Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Tom Woods, Gerald Celente, and others. Prepare now before the US dollar is worthless

More videos here:

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Own versus Rent

Dilbert was perfect this morning: > Thanks, Scott!

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John Hodgman at Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner

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Conservative Comedy with Political Satirist PJ O’Rourke

Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Deliberately offensive, determinedly provocative and extremely funny, PJ O’Rourke is the conservative journalist and satirist that makes even lefties laugh. In Australia recently as a guest of the Centre for Independent Studies, he used this talk at the National Press club to deliver a scattergun critique of conservatism. During the Q&A session he answers questions about gun control, the GFC and his personal drug use.

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BiG Mess

As long as the American taxpayers are buying companies like GM, is there any way they could grab a couple of them that make money?

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c
BiG Mess
Economic Crisis

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Sign-o-the-Times: Geithner Rents Home Out

Is this not ironic? Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is renting his home in Westchester County, New York, for $7,500 a month after failing to find a buyer, according to data on the Westchester-Putnam Multiple Listing Service Inc. Geithner, 47, was trying to sell the brick and stucco Tudor-style home, the listing shows. The house on…Read More

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Sorry, I’m Late

Amazing shortfilm from

Shot with a stills camera in the ceiling.
There’s lots of making of-stuff on the website.

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Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition

This is too funny: Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition – watch more funny videos

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