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Vanguard’s Jack Bogle

enoughJack Bogle is having an author event at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue (555 5th/between 45 & 46), at 6:30PM June 17. He recently published a book called “Enough.”

Not sure how people feel about Jack. I like his criticism of Wall Street in general, but given what giant shareholders Vanguard is, I wish they took the issue of corporate governance more seriously.

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Buh Bye: GM, Citi Get the Boot

As previously announced, both Citigroup and General Motors will officially get the boot from the Dow Jones Industrial Average this morning. Replacing them were Travelers Corp. and Cisco Systems, respectively. So long . . .

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Cisco, Travelers into the Dow

As I expected back in 2007, GM is out of the Dow, being replaced by internet powerhouse Cisco (CSCO): Let’s start a pool: At what point in the future will General Motors (GM) ignominiously join Eastman Kodak (EK), Woolworth and others and get tossed out of he Dow Jones Industrials?  And, who will replace them?…Read More

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Sorry, I’m Late

Amazing shortfilm from

Shot with a stills camera in the ceiling.
There’s lots of making of-stuff on the website.

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SPX Momentum Indicators

Kevin Lane is one of the founding partners of Fusion Analytics, and is the firm’s director of Quantitative Research. He is the main architect for developing their proprietary stock selection models and trading algorithms. Prior to joining Fusion Analytics, Mr. Lane enjoyed success as the Chief Market Strategist for several sell side institutional brokerage firms….Read More

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Dow / Gold Ratio

A few interesting Gold discussions lately (See chart below) Also, see Eddie Elfenbein’s Central Bank Gold Sales Began 10 Years Ago This Week: Has it Worked? Via Chart of the Day: “Today’s chart presents the Dow divided by the price of one ounce of gold. This results in what is referred to as the Dow…Read More

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GM: Out of the Dow

We finally get the answer to the question we have been asking since 2007: When will GM get kicked out of the Dow? The editors at Dow Jones are now hinting what everyone else already knew: GM is going to be replaced in the Dow Jones Industrial Average — and replaced sooner rather than later….Read More

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Bianco: The Dow is Distorted

Bianco: The Dow is Distorted January 21, 2009 James A. Bianco, CEO of Bianco Research, LLC Comment – The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is a price weighted index. The divisor for the DJIA is 7.964782. That means that every $1 a DJIA stock loses, the index loses 7.96 points, regardless of the company’s market…Read More

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Mutual Funds — Down, Down, Down

Average decline in diversified mutual funds in 2008 was 40% and the outlook for 2009 is unclear.


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Here Comes the Commodity Index Rebalancing

The major commodities indices are being rebalanced, and I am forced once again to question their timing. Recall the last major rebalance: At the time, I had been challenged by Larry Kudlow to find a smoking gun for the sudden 2006 collapse of Oil prices a month or two before the mid-term election. That challenge…Read More

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