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How to Fix Copyright

Fireside Chat: “How to Fix Copyright” at the Social Music Summit @ the 12th Annual Digital Music Forum East at the Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC on Feb 23 2012.

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Movie and Music Copyright Cops Themselves Infringe Intellectual Property

Movie and Music Giants Are Hypocrites The giant movie and music corporations – and their water-bearing politicians – pushing draconian copyright laws are hypocrites. According to TorrentFreak, members of the RIAA, Department of Homeland Security, Sony, Universal and Fox may have illegally downloaded files from BitTorrent. Lamar Smith – the Congressman sponsoring SOPA – used…Read More

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Europe Rises Up Against ACTA

Widespread Protests Are Starting to Turn the Tide Against Anti-Democratic Bill

The widespread protests against the anti-democracy bill ACTA by the Polish people have forced Poland’s prime minister to stall – or perhaps even back out – of the treaty. As TechDirt notes:

Following the growing protests about ACTA in Europe, as well as signs of US meddling, Poland’s prime minister is making it clear that Poland will not ratify ACTA for the time being, leading to speculation that the EU may not actually join ACTA.

Tusk’s backtracking could spell the end of ACTA for the entire European Union. If Poland or any other EU member state, or the European Parliament itself, fails to ratify the document, it becomes null and void across the union. As it stands, there are already five member countries that have not even signed ACTA.

“I share the opinions of those who from the beginning said that consultations were not complete,” Tusk said, according to a report in Wirtualna Polska. The 54-year-old prime minister added that a Polish rejection of ACTA is now on the table, and admitted that he had previously approached the agreement from a “20th century” perspective, due to his age.

The Slovenian ambassador to Japan has apologized to her country and her children for signing ACTA, saying she signed it because her government told her to, and “out of civic carelessness” in not bothering to understand what ACTA meant before signing it.

Bulgarian and Polish MPs wore Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA. Again, from TechDirt:

We recently pointed out that a bunch of Polish politicians wore Guy Fawkes/Anonymous masks in Parliament to protest ACTA:

SO53v Europe Rises Up Against ACTAIt appears that some politicians in Bulgaria thought that was a good idea, and have done the same thing:

V22Lv Europe Rises Up Against ACTA

Indeed, even the elderly are wearing Guy Fawkes masks in protest of ACTA:

European Parliamentarian Marietje Schaake writes:

As a Member of the European Parliament, I very much welcome the increased attention the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has received in the past weeks. It has taken a while for massive outcry to emerge, but we are seeing protest voices getting louder and louder.

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How Often Does the Film Industry Cry Wolf Over Piracy?

Via TechDirt, we learn the frequency with which Hollywood insists every new technology will destroy the movie business:

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Defending Our Freedom to Share

What does a bill like PIPA/SOPA mean to our shareable world? At the TED offices, Clay Shirky delivers a proper manifesto — a call to defend our freedom to create, discuss, link and share, rather than passively consume.


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Objective Comparison of the U.S. to Regimes Labeled Repressive

How Does America Compare to China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Other Repressive Regimes? Top constitutional law expert Jon Turley notes in a must-read Washington Post article called “We are no longer the land of the free” (I have edited slightly to remove parentheses in several places): Americans often proclaim our nation as a symbol of…Read More

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The Problem With Patents

I am always disappointed to see the usual attacks on the patent system. We have underfunded the Patent office, ignored the system and its requirements for so long it developed warts.

From both a societal and an investing perspective, it is important to protect Intellectual Property rights. We want to encourage entrepreneurs and innovators to create and invent, and protect them from those who would simply steal their inventions.

Regardless, here is a healthy critique of what is wrong with the patent system — in particular, I am concerned about the patent warehouses:

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Patent Wars?

I find it interesting to see the debate framed in terms of huge companies battling over inventions — but to me, the much bigger concern is when giant firms rip off the smaller inventor, who often cannot afford to prosecute their claims. > Via: Business Insurance Site Hat tip IP Metrics

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Microsoft the Innovator: Bing Copies Google Search Results

When it comes to Microsoft, I have long argued that they got lucky int heir deal with IBM. Aftewr that, pretty much everything they ever did was either ripped off from someone else — as in stolen — or a very obvious “inspired by.” (They did occasionally buy stuff as well, but not if they…Read More

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Anatomy of a Patent Litigation

Via, comes this informative infographic: > click for ginormous infographic

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