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Structural Changes at S.E.C.

Arthur Levitt is incensed. That doesn’t happen all that often. It takes a lot to make the level-headed, even serene, former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman angry. (Full disclosure: Levitt is a director of Bloomberg LP).

What has Levitt riled up these days is the deepening politicization of the agency he ran for eight years. I spoke with several other former SEC chairs from both parties, and each expressed similar concerns. (Listen to Levitt’s comments on the nomination process at the 41-50 minute mark.)

Here’s the problem: How do you get qualified nominees with expertise in areas relevant to regulating capital markets and publicly traded corporate entities to fill the five seats on the commission? (Rules designate three of the five seats to the party controlling the White House.) This process has been made that much more problematic because of the objections — many of them justified — raised by people like Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who opposes the revolving door between regulators and the regulated.


Continues here: What’s Worse Than the SEC’s Revolving Door?

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Compounded Annual Returns for Individual Stocks

I find this graph astonishing:   Source: ValueWalk

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Why Are Risky Assets Wobbly?

From Torsten Sløk of Deutsche Bank:


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Source: Deutsche Bank Securities

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The Vanguard Effect

Source: Marketwatch

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The Amateur Advantage

How you, the amateur investor, can beat the pros Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, November 8, 2015     Since I started writing this column five years ago, I have consistently discussed how challenging managing your money can be. It shouldn’t be this difficult, but you humans tend to make things much more complicated than they…Read More

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Defining Your Investment Philosophy

Fantastic in depth discussion by my colleague Ben Carlson looking at defining your investment philosophy:   Source: AAII

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Hedge Funds Cost Pensions $15 Billion in Lost Opportunities

A new report poses an interesting question: “Would public pension funds have fared better if they had never invested in hedge funds at all?” This is a subject we have investigated numerous times. The conclusion of the report confirms our earlier commentary: a small number of elite funds generate alpha (market-beating returns) after fees for their clients…Read More

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Crashes & Terrorists & Sharks – Oh, My!

I created a new presentation on Why Traders & Investors Misunderstand Risk and What They Can Do About It. I gave it a test run this weekend at the conference T3 Live and Todd Harrison put together which was a great event. If I can say so myself, it was very well received. Its tough…Read More

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The Amateur Investing Advantage

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the advantages that the Mom & Pop investor have over the professional. Its titled How you, the amateur investor, can beat the pros – and its not about what you might think. Here’s an excerpt from the column: “The pros have…Read More

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Stock Market Since 1900

Source: JPM Quarterly Chart Book

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