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The Market is Speaking, Are You Listening?

One of the great things about Wall Street are the people you get to meet. Yesterday was a case in point.

One Monday, I wrote up a commentary called Why Some Rallies Must Go On Without Us. It explained why there are occasions when the ducks don’t line up, and you have to let a rally come and go without participating in it. In addition to going out to RR&A subscribers, it also went out to a few people who share their research with me, and as a courtesy I return the favor.

Ironically, I get an email back from Jeff Saut (of Raymond James) yesterday, telling me he quoted that piece in his verbal comments to institutional clients.

At the time, I was working  on a multiple compression/valuation analysis — Its not how cheap it is, its how much buyers are willing to pay for it — that relied on commentary of Jeff’s!

I try not to get caught up in the Wall Street hall of mirrors, where everyone merely repeats what everyone else said. I do, however, round out my research by reading a few original thinkers and seeing their world views.

Jeff and I chatted about this by phone yesterday. I asked him about a recent missive of his: "The Market is Speaking, Are You Listening?"

It turns out that Jeff will be one of the keynote speaker this year at the upcoming MIM Retreat conference. That concept of listening to Mr. Market will be the topic of his presentation.

I checked out the Minyans in the Mountains speaker list, and its quite a crew: In addition to Saut, the other keynotes are by technician Tom DeMark, Barron’s editor Michael Santoli, and Thomson Financial Director of Research, Michael Thompson.

There were a few other names that caught my eye: Woody Dorsey of Market Semiotics, Jason Goepfert of Sentiment Trader, Stephanie Pomboy, of MacroMavens, and Bernie Schaeffer of Schaeffer’s Investment Research..


Looks like it will be a good time . . . I’ll bet Vail is lovely this time of year.

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