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When to Sell Mutual Funds

Chuck Jaffe of Marketwatch looks at an interesting question: "When should I sell a mutual fund holding?"

He notes that the primary reason most people sell funds for is poor performance. But that’s often not a good reason to dump a fund. A fund may be the best performer in a sector that’s temporarily out of favor. (Imagine selling a REIT fund in 2000 becuase it under performed the broad market?)

Jaffe observes — "Knowing why you should sell a fund is every bit as important as knowing what to buy. If you are wondering whether your funds are worth hanging onto, consider the following:"

– How has the fund done compared to its peers?

– Has the fund changed strategies or missions?

– Has management changed?

– Have you reached your goals, or will you soon?

– Would you buy the fund again today?

That’s good advice for mutual fund investors.

How to know when to sell Mutual Funds
Chuck Jaffe
MarketWatch, 12:02 AM ET Aug. 21, 2005

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