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Stock Market Since 1900

Source: JPM Quarterly Chart Book

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How the Stanford Endowment Stacks Up

Source: Chief Investment Officer

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How’s Your Story Going to Fail?

Everyone loves a good story. The problem, as we have seen time and again is that these stories can kill your portfolio and your returns. Look no further than Valeant Pharmaceuticals on the public side, now suffering through a 60 percent haircut; the private equivalent would be blood-testing company Theranos.  In both case, the narrative is failing. Story-telling…Read More

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The Liquidity Gap

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Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch . . .

Deep down inside, you already know this: There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, financially or otherwise. Yes, of course, you understand that. You have heard it over and over your whole life. If you want anything – especially something lots of other people want, too, like money – there is a simple…Read More

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Retirement Inequality

In the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night, the issue of income inequality came up with surprising frequency. Why that happened is worthy of its own column; for now, let’s explore the issue with some recent data. Specifically, I want to consider inequality in the funding of our collective retirements. As a nation, we do a…Read More

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Meet Ben Carlson of RWM Institutional Asset Management in NYC

Earlier this year, RWM announced that we were adding Ben Carlson to our team, to develop our Institutional Asset Management division. We have been working hard to bring our vision of a lower cost investment process of reduced complexity to the institutional world. And we have been making terrific progress. Towards that end, next month, Ben will be…Read More

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Why Investing Debates are Different . . .

We live in an age of disagreement. There is no theory you can float, no idea you can casually tweet, no claim you can make, that will not engender a strong and immediate challenge. Despite the noisy and annoying background hum this creates, it is actually a good thing. Every idea receives close scrutiny. It…Read More

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No Free Lunch

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the very human habit of seeking something for nothing. Its a suckers play that leaves investors vulnerable to sharpies and clever salesmen. There are numerous examples where pursuing a free lunch (not unlike Alpha) leads to losses. Here’s an excerpt from…Read More

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Would Peter Lynch Buy Fitbit?

I just spent almost a year with a Fitbit Flex on my wrist. My wife bought us a matching pair for my birthday last October, and we were excited about tracking our fitness. The good news is I am 10 pounds lighter than I was a year ago. How much of that is attributable to…Read More

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