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401Ks Should Not be Complicated or Expensive

Over the years, I have been critical of the way 401(k)s are created, administered and managed. They can be expensive and filled with underperforming actively managed funds, some of which charge way too much. Some retirement plans offer too little diversification, especially in international and emerging-market sectors. I have also noted that you, the individual investor, are a very large part of the problem.

I was reminded of this courtesy of a recent discussion at Morningstar FundInvestor, the investment research and mutual-fund rating company. Russell Kinnel, a senior analyst at the firm, looked at the funds that Morningstar has in its own 401(k). After all, if Morningstar can’t put together a good 401(k), then what chance does your company’s benefits administrator have? Here is the list of funds ( click through for full article at right):

The good news is that Morningstar has a solid line up of options in its selection of 23 funds. Many of these have outperformed their benchmarks over five and 10 years.

The bad news is that the list is long and it can be confusing; a few of the funds are on the pricey side. The worst aspect is the limited number of index funds.

What is my beef with active funds . . . ?


continues here: Rating the 401(k) of the Fund Rater


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The 2015 Knowledge Brokers

Fascinating and detailed story:   Click through to read full profiles. Source: Chief Investment Officer

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Funds in Morningstar’s 401(k)

click through for full article Source: Morningstar

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#badadvice to Ruin Your Financial Life

How to ruin your financial life, #badadvice Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, September 13 2015       About two years ago, Ezra Klein wrote in The Washington Post about University of Chicago social scientist Harold Pollack, who “managed to write down pretty much everything you need to know on a 4×6 index card” about investing. I thought…Read More

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A Word About Our New Fee Reduction Program

This week we had a few milestones: On Tuesday, we celebrated the two year anniversary of RWM, which launched on September 16, 2013. Second, we announced a new program that will help lower fees for our clients. Costs are something we are very conscious about. We are always looking for ways to keep fees as low as we can,…Read More

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The World According to Free-Float Equity Market Capitalization

Source: BAML

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Ray Dalio’s Interview at Bloomberg

Fascinating interview with Ray Dalio of Bridgewater yesterday by Tom Keene and Mike McKee, The full run of videos are here, but a few select excerpts are below:


China Is Going to Be Just Fine, But Weaker


More videos after the jump

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Thinking About Market Risk

Seeing the market crash from a few weeks ago, it is clear how quickly the market can ferociously hurdle in front of one’s risk models.  Risk models that failed to safeguard against risk when it mattered the most.  Models that left many large hedge funds hemorrhaging - top funds which by definition were supposed to protect their investors in the August…Read More

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The advice to ensure financial ruin? It fits on a 4×6 index card.

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at the idea of putting all if the financial advice anyone needs on an 4×6 index card — the twist is to invert it, via some really bad advice. Both the print and online versions had the Twitter friendly headline How to ruin…Read More

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Returns Per Asset Class 2015 YTD

Nice chart via Deutsche Bank:   Source: Deutsche Bank

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